Where Do You Home Educate?

Whenever I read a writing magazine, I always love the “Where do you write?” features which show someone else’s messy, cluttered, almost-as-bad-as-mine writing rooms/spaces and describe their routines or lack of them. I’m sure someone once did something similar on one of the home education blog rings, but it would have been a while ago and I now have no idea who or when.

Anyway: I’d love to know about other people’s home education spaces. I don’t mean the concept that home education often takes place outside the home and that we all go out and visit (deep breath) museums and castles and beaches and workshops and behind-the-scenes tours and supermarkets and theatres and woods and nature reserves and art galleries and “life” while school kids are at their desks πŸ™‚ Very true, but I mean the room or rooms where most of your at-home home education goes on.

I’ll be very brave. Here’s ours. It is honestly not as bad in real life as it looks in these photos – we do live in a messy home, but it’s not filthy!

This is the top end of the dining room; chairs, beanbags, bookshelves (mostly my Mum and Dad’s books, not ours…. our personal books mostly live upstairs), parrot ceiling swing, parrot playstand, wall displays…

This is the bottom end of the dining room, down the step. The rope of toys is all for Lulu, not Emily πŸ˜‰ although I’m sure she’d love them. Lulu’s also the reason for the newspaper on the floor. Table, exercise machine, random arts and crafts draws under the window, more books.

This is the shelf on the left hand side of the above picture; it’s where we keep the “core” textbooks and notebooks we use on a daily basis.

And this is its twin, overloaded with reference books, less frequently used textbooks and assorted “stuff.”

Then we have the shelves by the side door, filled mostly with stuff we’ve finished using but haven’t got round to getting rid of, plus yet more “stuff” that may come in handy at some unspecified point in the future. Plus lots of reference books we had before we ever started this education malarkey.

….then there’s the obligatory chemistry set and other useful bits and bobs on top of the shelves at the top end of the room. Including roulette. Obviously.

And finally, a spare wall for putting up whatever comes to mind; home at the moment to timelines of the post-war years, a periodic table, a poem and a newspaper article from when the new cabinet was formed. Plus a small bookcase housing most of my writing books. All the computers, including Emily’s, are upstairs in the hell-hole office, except for the laptop which gets abandoned wherever anyone feels like. There is no internet access in the dining room because the wireless signal won’t reach. Bah humbug. Will probably fix that soon but, on the plus side, it does mean we have to use real books for research downstairs instead of the magic google button.

So there we have it; our main home education space. It looks horrid on the photos, but we like it πŸ™‚ Plus, to be fair, school classrooms would look a heck of a lot worse if they didn’t have cleaners! Emily’s work in here in the mornings is always accompanied by a free flying, attention seeking, noisy, very comical parrot…. so her concentration skills are quite impressive. Should she ever want to do GCSEs, we’d probably have to ask for a screaming, squawking, landing-on-head, chewing-up-books, stealing-pens distraction to be present too so that she could focus! Lulu’s upstairs in the afternoons, so life in the dining room is slightly quieter. Slightly.

So where do you home educate?

It’s been a quiet day today on the education front. We all got up late (again), except for Jon who hot-footed it to the gym as he does every morning now. Emily watched bits of the Lib-Dem conference while I fretted over preparing some geography work to take out with us this afternoon. On Wednesday afternoons, we go to the library with [edit several months later: a former friend]. Today’s topic du jour from me was geography and climate zones, which wasn’t a whole lot of fun. In psychology, they finished up a chapter about aggression, ready to move on to non-verbal communication. With Emily’s love of Lie To Me, she’s really looking forward to that one!


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6 Responses to Where Do You Home Educate?

  1. HelenHaricot says:


    is where we home educate currently! [maybe you can edit that so it looks like a nice link!!] i don’t think I have done the pics quite like you have! i really liked the idea though, and wanted to join in. πŸ™‚

  2. There was something I wanted to say about the blog post… but I’ve forgotten it, so I’m just gonna say “bahkshknqqqnz,mn,saM,K,erwe”!

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  4. Alison says:

    Like the new blog πŸ™‚

    I wrote a few lines about where we home educate – no photos though, sorry!

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