Politics and Plans

Feeling a bit overwhelmed today with the amount of things which need to be accomplished in the remaining few months of the year.

Home education wise, it’s been a good day again. Emily worked on some more economics this morning, firming up her knowledge still on injections and withdrawals and macroeconomic income flows, with diagrams. She also carried on in the So You Really Want to Learn English book with some comprehension work about Easter Island. Just before lunch, we also fitted in a brief revision of some basic algebra… it’s ages since we’ve done any of that, but I was pleased to see that she had no trouble with the questions, so something’s stuck πŸ™‚

After lunch, Emily worked from the British Politics in Focus textbook, examining the arguments for and against referenda and the results of those held in the 90s on devolution and the London Mayor.

I, on the other hand, am not doing nearly so well in the work states. I was distressed this morning to discover the damp problem in our bedroom is even worse than I thought, with the corner where my wardrobe stands absolutely riddled with damp which has now crept around the old fireplace where the head of our bed is. We’ll have to pull everything out over the weekend and try to deal with it; a major, professional solution to the underlying problem is way out of our budget just now. It’s a big house, and most of the rooms have damp issues 😦

Meanwhile, the damp in Emily’s bedroom is starting to make the paint peel under her window, so we’ve also been making plans to move all her furniture around to take her bed away from that area. That fits in nicely with her wish to have a new grown up desk in there and to get some of her old toys and bits and bobs packed away into the attic.

Still on a damp theme, Emily’s old bedroom has been uninhabited for about 18 months now and the damp in there is at beyond ridiculous levels now. It’s being used as a junk room but we’ve got to clear everything out of there, deal with the damp, redecorate and turn it into a second office. Before Christmas. Breathe.

I have a holiday in London to book (and somehow pay for), various trips to organise between then and now, a fitness regime to really get stuck into, a book proposal to finish and send out, umpteen deadlines looming for existing contracts, a massive increase in editing work to fit in if we want to eat next month and numerous other back-of-the-mind hassles and concerns to try to drag into the light of day and subdue with logic and action.

I have a headache.

First on my list, apart from all the redecorating and damp sorting has to be the fitness thing. I was 39 just over a month ago. I’ve promised both myself and Emily that for my 40th birthday, I will take us both away on a riding holiday treat. That’s brilliant – except that I have to lose (mumble) stone before anyone would let me get on their poor horse. Nearly a month has passed since my birthday resolution with zilch action taken on the fitness front. We threw away the very old exercise bike I used to use and replaced it, years ago, with a cross trainer thing which I hate, find very uncomfortable and can’t use for more than five minutes at a time. Trying to find some spare cash to buy a new exercise bike. Also trying to find the will to go swimming on a regular basis. Have run out of wine, which is probably a good thing for my figure, but not for my sanity. I’d happily forego the food in favour of the wine!


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