Seeking Creativity

Quiet day today; a bit lacking on the education front, mainly because we were all grumpy. Emily did some of her psychology homework. Errrm. That was about it, I think. I did some more editing and carried on planning the renaissance work.

As well as my science woes, blogged yesterday, I hope to find a way to put back some arty-crafty things into our home ed.Β  When Emily was younger we did a huge amount of crafts, “making stuff”, painting, sewing and generally having a whale of a time whilst making a big mess πŸ™‚ In the last year or so, her interest in art or any kind of craft has waned a lot. I’m not very skilled in this area (to put it mildly), so crafts are not a natural part of our home rhythm and we have to make a deliberate effort to include them. Must try harder.

We have an enormous store of every kind of art thing imaginable, from encaustic wax and felting fibres to paints and canvases of every description, beading equipment and enough card making/scrapbooking materials to stock a small shop. That the enthusiasm to use them has vanished, from both of us, is a great shame. Not sure what to do about it, though. Sigh.

Thinking about this over the weekend, it occurred to me that photography might be a good way to get back some of the creativity. Emily’s very adept at imaging software and loves to take photos, so we’ve decided to tackle the projects in this Collins Complete Photography Course as a way of learning more about the technical aspects of photography. Linking that in to how cameras work and pinhole photography will give us a little science project to work on while I’m still pondering science too.

Hopefully the photography, together with some art history/art appreciation work during our look at the Renaissance, might re-inspire both of us to get crafty again.


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5 Responses to Seeking Creativity

  1. HHaricot says:

    I quite like reading harmony art mom – and she has some good ideas for creativity!
    as I also feel competely untalented in art, so have bought a few [dozen] books, and am hoping that will get us going!

  2. nikkielysian says:

    Thanks Helen; I’ll have a look at the blog. It doesn’t help that Emily turns her nose up at craft options at the moment. Need to re-inspire her so that it doesn’t feel like I’m forcing her to do something she doesn’t want to do!

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