It wasn’t a good day 😦

Got up late, had very little time to do anything with Emily this morning. She did manage a maths puzzle but spend most of the time coaxing Lulu into parroty tail giggles…. Lulu loves Emily to bits and really enjoys distracting her during work time 🙂 She also breezed through a couple of “who’s telling the truth?” logic puzzles and a quick punctuation exercise.

At lunchtime, I had to take Jon’s dad to the hospital eye clinic. He wasn’t nearly as grumpy as he normally is, even when we had to wait two and a half hours to be seen because the eye drops they kept putting in weren’t working and his left pupil stubbornly refused to dilate. He’s having the cataract from this right eye removed at the end of October, so at least something productive came from the afternoon. While we were out, Jon did law with Emily – apparently, the most conducive place in the house to study law is lying side by side on our bed. Who knew? 🙂

Back from the hospital I managed to thoroughly depress myself over just about everything. From Lulu tipping out her water bowl for the umpteenth time to inadvertently upsetting people while trying to be nice. Everything. Mostly what’s getting to me is that it’s the end of September; the month has been absolute chaos and next to nothing has been achieved. My editing figures for the US directory I work for are way down on normal, which will directly affect next month’s income. I haven’t finished a couple of writing contracts. I haven’t finished and sent out the damn book proposal that’s been on the cards for months. I haven’t dealt with the mould in the bedroom, or got the house into any kind of order. I haven’t done some of the education Emily and I wanted to do. I haven’t lost a single pound in weight all month despite having set myself an ambitious target to have lost by my 40th birthday next August, so now only eleven months to go instead of twelve. I haven’t done the tax returns. The list of I haven’t-ness goes on for quite some time and is weighing me down well and truly.

Perhaps October will be better. My rational head knows that we were away for ten days at the beginning of September, which is bound to affect all of the above. Then again, my rational head also knows that I’ve been trying to sort out the house, lose weight and write a book for the last *mumble* years, so why should now be any different? Sigh. It wasn’t the September I was hoping for, but that’s nobody’s fault but my own. Will have to stop whining and just do something about it. Why is everything so damn hard??


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3 Responses to Blue

  1. HelenHaricot says:

    argh tax returns!! completely forgot. bugger.

  2. HelenHaricot says:

    and many hugs for blueness x x

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