October Arrives

October arrived here in North Lincolnshire with heavy winds and heavier rain – at last, some real weather! That, together with some therapeutic star gazing last night, lifted my mood no end, so I was up at five this morning and feeling optimistic.

Emily set about an English research task this morning from the SYRWTL English book; she had to choose a real life mystery and write a report on it. She chose to investigate the where, when, why, who and what of Stonehenge and report on different theories about its purpose and origins. She worked on that for a couple of hours this morning and thinks it’s about half done. While she was doing that, I made a Huge Plan for October – covering everything from finances, to home ed, to my and Jon’s writing, to Jon’s mediumship, my fitness (ha!) and a home clean/tidy campaign – and now feel that life, the universe and everything is pretty much under control. I like October 🙂 🙂

It is, apparently, Lincolnshire Day today, which meant free entry to Lincoln Cathedral – despite having been here nearly twelve years now, I’ve never been inside it, mainly because I object to paying silly prices to enter a place of worship owned by a very rich church. Emily’s been before, but not for a couple of years, so we decided to go and have a look. I have to say, it was very, very beautiful and atmospheric. Helped by the fact that it was free. Helped also by the journey there in said heavy wind and rain. Their own site (or anywhere else you google) has much better photos than mine, but here are a couple anyway for those of you who don’t see the ones on Facebook.

Unfortunately, Lincoln Castle wasn’t doing the free entry thing. Since it was just coming up to 3pm when we got there and it was pouring down, we didn’t pay to go in but will go back another day. I have actually (gasp!) been in there before and so has Emily, but again, not for a while.

Emily’s reading like a mad thing at the moment and is now back on to Michael Dobbs; this time she’s reading The Buddha of Brewer Street, which mixes British politics with a conspiracy surrounding a new infant Dalai Lama and the China-Tibet issue.  Speaking of reading, and going back a few years now – for anyone interested in Lincolnshire folklore or even just folklore in general, Emily heartily recommends Whispers in the Woods (green children) and its follow up Chaos in the Cathedral, which has Lincoln Cathedral, its imp and Robin Hood as a central theme. They’re fantastic for kids between about 7 and 10; I’ve just seen on the amazon page for the first book that I wrote a short recommendation of it about four years ago – my goodness, it seems like yesterday!


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