Just a Quickie

Poorly day – poor Emily has felt sick most of the day.

A little bit of home ed was done. Revision of linear equations in maths. I found the MEP homeschoolers yahoo group, which was handy as I needed the password for some of the materials. In English, Emily finished her Stonehenge report, nicely presented in Word.

We had a brief dabble with politics, starting on the political ideology chapter – quite a tricky concept to get to grips with, but interesting for Emily. Our new politics textbook arrived, prompting much excitement from Madam as it’s only just been published and includes lots of things about the 2010 general election and the coalition. 🙂  I also discovered that there are downloadable extension/research questions for it and for many other the other Philip Allan GCSE and A level books too, so I’m a happy bunny.

Oh – and Jon’s gone great guns at removing the damp in our bedroom and (hopefully) stopping it coming back, and I’ve finished the tax returns.


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Writer, astrologer, home educating Mum.
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2 Responses to Just a Quickie

  1. Alison says:

    Hey, that sounds like a *great* day! (Apart from Emily feeling sick of course – hope she has improved in the morning.)

  2. HHaricot says:

    aall sounds really positive [apart from the sickness!] good things happening in all areas 🙂

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