National Poetry Day

Ooops, missed a day yesterday. Thin end of the wedge! Yesterday we had a day off anyway, as Emily felt poorly still. She’s much better now πŸ™‚

This morning we cracked on with yet more maths – linear equations again, getting to grips with ones which have 2 or more Xs, e.g. 2x + 7 = 8x – 11Β  Emily did very well with those; we seem finally to have moved on from the hysteria which used to greet maths sessions!

Following the maths, we were going to do something for National Poetry Day using the idea of writing a poem about assembling a new home in a distant place and filling it with memories of your own home and childhood. Got as far as brainstorming ideas about what makes our house memorable to Emily and what she remembers from her earlier childhood – and then she suddenly just took off, writing page after page of notes about her memories and about what makes our family home unique. Her pen was flying, I’ve never seen her write so fast! Naturally, this is the kind of activity which brings tears if you’re even remotely sentimental, which both of us are….so we ended up sobbing, but in a good way.

Emily didn’t do the poem in the end, but I think the notes she did make were far more special πŸ™‚

Had all sorts planned for this afternoon, but it didn’t quite happen. Instead, Emily worked on refining her skills on our new copy of Paintshop Pro X3 – highly recommended. Meanwhile, I was thinking ahead to Halloween, organising a Halloween sleepover for Emily a few days before Halloween and a spooky all night paranormal-y thingy for the three of us on Halloween night. I love Halloween πŸ™‚


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