Productive Pottering

Not all that much hedufacation done today in a formal sense, but I did get quite a lot of my work done. Had great news a couple of days ago: Jon has finally been asked to join the closed circle mediumship development group at our local spiritualist church. He’s been attending the open services/groups three times a week for a couple of months now following our major fall out with the family whose rather poor attempt at a circle he used to attend. Now the people at the church have finally got to know him, things are looking up. He has enormous mediumship talent, so fingers crossed that he can really push ahead with it now πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ after being (in my view) deliberately held back by the group he used to work with.

I was up at 5 this morning. In between editing work, I was watching the first of the Chilean mine rescues live – highly emotional but heartwarming scenes. Later, Emily’s friend came around for the morning and they faffed around with makeup with hilarious results and also watched Ed Balls’ [edit – oops: Ed Milliband’s – Mr Balls on the brain] first performance at Prime Ministers’ Questions. After that, we went to the library for our regular Weds afternoon session. I did a brief romp through the history of medicine from an Ancient Greeks perspective before figuring out that neither of them were remotely interested, lol. Hmmm. Am running out of ideas for things which can be done in the darn library and which don’t provoke sighs of boredom from one or both. Will have a think. [Edit: A former friend] did half an hour of psychology with them both, which went down much better, especially as Emily’s very keen on the non-verbal communication chapter they’re doing now.

Meanwhile, Emily’s been doing a huge amount of planning for her Halloween sleepover. Am very impressed with her organisation skills there. Despite being hugely disorganised when it comes to both home ed and self employment, I’m pretty good at organising “events” like parties and sleepovers, so I reckon years of watching me doing it has rubbed off on her. Have to take credit where I can πŸ˜‰


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