Not Quite as Planned

Well, at the end of our first week’s trial of the ticksheets…..that didn’t quite work as planned. Emily managed 12 ticks out of the 20 we were aiming for — with no English, no maths, no science and no history all week. Ahem. Having said that, we did have an awful lot of “time off” this week, including all of today, so it wasn’t really a typical week. We’ll give it another go next week and see if we can get to grips with it.

Today we had another day off formal education, as Jon and I struggle to get some work done so that we stand a chance of paying the bills. Rolls eyes. Sometimes this self employed malarkey is a real pain in the bum. There are days – and this is one of them – when I would cheerfully go back to being someone’s wage slave if it meant we had more time to be a family, less time chained to a desk, more money to spend on frippery and less stress all round.

Then again, having been self-employed for 13 years and free of the tyranny of the daily school routine for six years…. I usually stop thinking such nonsense after a few moments, give myself a good talking too and realise that we are incredibly lucky to have so much freedom in our daily lives.

Happiness is being content with where you are in life and with the choices you’ve made. I really do struggle with that, but I’m consciously trying 🙂


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