Cracking On

Didn’t get up until nearly ten again this morning …. rolls eyes….. really need to get to grips with this morning lark. My excuse is that I’m woken up three times every night between 3 and 6am without fail – once to let the Lucifer and Lily out as they scratch the door down and I’m a very light sleeper; once to let Severus out for the same reason but *naturally* the three youngest cats can’t sort it out so that they all want to go out at the same time; once to get Jon up for gym as he’s a very heavy sleeper and would otherwise sleep through an atom bomb. So I reckon it’s something to do with sleep rhythms or not staying asleep long enough during that period to get proper rest. Or something. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Unless I force myself to stay up and awake after one of those wake-ups, I go back to sleep just gone six and am zonked :-/

Anyway. Despite the very late start, we got lots done today. The tick sheet is still being trialled, but I confess to weakening this morning and insisting on maths. So that was done first, with a final review of linear equation problems before we can move on to something else. Emily then chose geography, which is unheard of… she hates geography…. and happily got stuck into measuring gradients and drawing a cross sections from maps.

After lunch, a dear friend came round to visit Jon, so Emily and I did our afternoon work snuggled up in bed, which worked out rather well. We started on the Renaissance book and read an introductory half chapter, which Emily then answered questions about – covering the rise of humanism, mostly. Then it was on to politics and some complicated work about ideologies again. This time we were looking at the difference between conservatism, one world conservatism and Thatcherism, which involved a lengthy diversion into monetarist and Keynesian economic policy along the journey.

That was supposedly the end of “work”, but Emily was greatly entertained later when she found the Guardian’s “You Make the Cuts” spending review interactive activity thingy (technical term). Odd idea of fun, that child 😉

Tomorrow she wants to watch the spending review announcements live, so we’ll do that and have a look at the A level Politics Review magazine which turned up today; looks very good.


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