16 Ticks!

So – at the end of this working week, we’ve managed (with a bit of jiggery pokery) to amass 16 ticks on Emily’s schedule. Much better than last week, although maths and English still aren’t getting much of a look in with only one tick each. Hmm. The arts and crafts options remain untouched too, although that will no doubt change next week when we have lots of Halloween-y decorating to do. And no science; probably because I still haven’t come up with an appealing science option. Oh dear.

On Wednesday, Emily spent most of the day watching the coverage of the spending review and reading analysis of it. Don’t know about double, that probably counts as triple or quadruple politics with a dash of economics too!

We were meant to go to see the second Nanny McPhee film as part of schools film week on Thursday, but a) the tickets didn’t turn up and b) when it came down to it we didn’t really fancy it so we went out on a photography mission to Normanby Hall instead. Emily took some fabulous photographs on an Autumn theme. We were semi-stalked by a very creepy guy in a hoodie, however, who stopped and started at us when he saw us, walked closer, stopped and stared, walked closer, stopped and stared, and then followed us when we walked away even though he’d been heading down a different path. Saw him later doing the same to a young Mum with a pushchair, and then later again leaning against a tree staring at a young family on a nearby picnic table. Very odd. Not normally the kind of place you’d see a young man alone and as there was barely anyone else around, it was quite unsettling.

Today we got started bright and early (for us!) with some difficult economics work, looking at how GDP is calculated and how it is used as a comparison tool between countries, and all the reasons why it’s not necessarily a good indicator of the standard of living. That took most of the morning; for anyone (including grown ups!) interested in economics, this virtual economy is a fascinating tool, by the way.

This afternoon we finished the first chapter of the Renaissance book by reading about Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio and their works. Emily answered some questions on that and chose from the projects listed for the first chapter — I was hoping she’d choose to create a diagram of Dante’s Inferno….but she chose to investigate the modern day teaching of humanities instead. Oh well. Free choice and all that. Anyway, that’s what she’ll be doing for history next week.  After that, she completed her report on the maths puzzle programming work she did with Gramps a few weeks ago.

Apart from that, we’ve been planning all sorts of malarkey for Emily’s Halloween sleepover and Emily’s been reading – she finished the Buddha of Brewer Street book and has started on Liz Jensen’s The Rapture which sounds…..challenging. Ooooh – and it’s been confirmed that we’ve got tickets to go and watch Prime Minister’s Questions on the 26th January, with a tour of the Houses of Parliament earlier that morning too :-))) Can now finally get round to booking the hotel and the rest of the holiday!


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3 Responses to 16 Ticks!

  1. Alison says:

    I think the Film Education people were horribly disorganised this year.

    16 ticks sounds great, especially if it includes stuff like a morning on GDP! Plenty of maths in there 😉

  2. Emma says:

    Fantastic Autumn photos.

    We had a few of our Film Ed Week films cancelled so gave up in the end. Hopefully next year it will be better organised.

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