Monday was a day of high spirits: Emily and I tried out a new riding school and were hugely impressed with them. I’ve mentioned before the problems we had at the other one – although they were lovely people, the horses were just far too stubborn to learn on and even the staff had problems getting them to move. At this new school, Emily was given a very lively, fast and energetic gorgeous little horse and in that single hour she did more work and learnt more than I think she has in six months elsewhere. It was pouring with rain and blowing up a gale and the lesson was outdoors, but she had such a massive smile on her face 🙂 🙂 Needless to say, her Monday riding lessons will now be held there.

Tuesday started well with some more complicated economics work for Emily, but was somewhat marred by a former friend choosing to sever all ties with our family; I have to admit that initial sadness and confusion at our end quickly turned to anger on discovering the excuse. Fortunately for our collective sanity, that emotion too quickly dissipated into a shoulder-shrugging, oh well, their loss mindset, so we’ve moved on from that relatively smoothly.

On Wednesday Grandad had to be taken first to an optician appointment and then to a hospital appointment, so that pretty much took care of my and Jon’s day. Emily got stuck into some politics work which involved finding a definition for each of these terms and working out whether they are ideologies or forms of rule:

Phew!! I was very impressed; I’d have struggled with many of those.

I can’t remember what happened on Thursday but I’m sure it was suitably exciting. On Friday, Emily wrote a fabulous letter to the Lincolnshire Trust for Cats asking if she could volunteer and help out there. I suspect they will say no, because of her age and insurance issues, but if they do I might suggest to them that I go along as an adult volunteer at the same time. We shall see. In with her letter, Emily sent lots of cat toys that she’s made over the last six months or so 🙂 🙂

Also on Friday, Emily signed up with a penpal site and has already had eight replies to her advert, so that should keep her busy for a while. We discovered this lovely Post Pals charity too, where children send letters/cards and small handmade gifts to seriously ill children of their own age, so that’s something we’ll be doing in the run up to Christmas.

And also on Friday (one of our better days!) Emily did a long photography session in the afternoon. We’ve moved on to the aperture chapter in our photography book; Friday’s project was to use maximum aperture to try to get an item in focus and the background completely but hopefully artistically blurred. Emily took some fantastic shots in the garden which certainly met that brief……and Emily being Emily she then diversified onto a project of her own, trying very hard to get a perfect close up of an eye 😉 These are some of her pictures; if you click on them  (you can’t really see in the small versions) you can see there was a good deal of success with the arty blurring. First two are the cat toys she’s sent to the Trust.

Meanwhile, on the business front, we’ve had two pieces of good news. Firstly, our BBC contract, which we’d been told early in the year was due to be dumped any second, will continue until *at least* March 2011 and may well then be taken on/absorbed by BBC 3 instead of being nuked. Secondly, I took on a new project with the US web directory I edit for which involves flagging up three “pick of the day” additions to their UK branch — it’s quite a hunt to find outstanding sites on a regular basis which are not already listed in the directory, but it’s a nice little bit of extra money and a great deal of fun.

Things are looking up on the personal/family front too. We’ve now booked and paid for our London hotel for January next year, so that’s a weight off my mind. Still haven’t booked the train tickets or the theatre tickets for that trip, but…baby steps. Have started Christmas and birthday shopping, reminding myself as we do every year that having a baby one week after Christmas Day was not such a bright idea!! Although she did arrive nine weeks early, so perhaps our planning wasn’t quite so up the creek after all 😉

Jon is making fantastic progress with the local spiritualist church, particularly in their closed circle. Emily and I went along to the service last Sunday and really enjoyed it, so we’re going this Sunday too to their Remembrance Day event. On Wednesday evening, Jon and I were invited to attend a trance and physical mediumship demonstration in Retford, which was fascinating – carried out in total darkness with just an infra red lamp and with the medium’s face supposedly morphing into the faces of the spirits she was bringing through. Neither Jon nor I were particularly convinced by the morphing, however – if you stare at something for long enough in near total darkness, your eyes *will* play tricks – but it was definitely an experience.

And I have plans afoot to finally finish that book proposal. Life is looking up 🙂


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6 Responses to Positivity

  1. Kirsty says:

    I’m glad things are looking up again for you all 🙂

    The riding school sounds great – amazing what a change of place can do!

    I love the photography. I must add that book to my amazon basket 😉

    • nikkielysian says:

      Thanks Kirsty 🙂 The photography book is a good inspiration, although it does have chapters on using different filters and lenses which our camera can’t do. Still, I think it’s a good introduction to anything other than point-click-and-hope-for-the-best, which had been our style previously!

  2. HelenHaricot says:

    lots of positive things there, and love the photography 🙂 . I read your blog regularly, and i guess I would like your password so could be supportive, but I don’t know you irl, so would not be at all put out if you would prefer not 🙂

  3. Rita says:

    I’d also like the password, if that’s ok 🙂

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