Small Doings

This week has passed a little bit too quickly. Must try to get back to blogging more than once a week otherwise we’re reduced to a list of did this, did that. For the record, this week we did some of this and some of that, mostly this.

Emily’s new riding school is proving rather lovely. On Monday she was given a larger, strong willed horse and she had to fight a little to get the upper hand, but get it she did and she was rightly very pleased with herself. Cantering next week, with jumping apparently to follow pretty soon afterwards. She’s made huge progress in the two weeks she’s been there and the lessons are much more like I remember my riding lessons being. She’ll be staying on Blue from now on, I gather, and she’s very pleased about that as he’s a handsome thing and it’s good for her to have to be bossy and firm with him.

On Monday afternoon, Emily and Gramps started a new programming project. They’re writing an online simulation of the Chinese Rings/Baguenaudier disentanglement puzzle. This apparently involves some complex maths and binary gray code. Meep. During the week, Emily also worked on a report about that project, looking up the history and origins of the puzzle.

On Tuesday night we had a family games night with Nana and Gramps, which involved lots of mathematically based magic/mind reading tricks, including Gramps’ famous rendition of Derren Brown’s I-can-predict-which-word-of-a-novel-you-will-land-on thingy, which uses a variation of the Kruskal count mathematical principle. Plus lots of Word Grab – we love Word Grab; a bargain at about £4 from Hawkins Bazaar.

During the rest of the week, there’s been more home education than in recent weeks (!) but then, that’s not hard. We haven’t used the tick sheet, but will get back to using it shortly. In politics, Emily wrestled with more ideology bits and pieces, this time focusing on socialism and the differences between old Labour and new Labour, and also finishing up her look at conservatism with how the Conservatives have evolved under David Cameron. In history, we moved on to the second chapter of our Renaissance book and started to look at the differences between Gothic, Byzantine and Renaissance art.

English has been from the SYRWTL English book, mostly consisting of the first two texts from Chapter 2 – a Grapes of Wrath extract and the Goblin Market poem. And there was some science, of sorts, with Emily working her way through the activities in the Science of Brain Chemistry section of BioEd Online. Oh, and some economics, looking at short term economic growth and the business cycle.

So there has been some useful activity. Mostly, however, we’re still struggling with the amount of paid work which needs doing. I have vague plans in my head for a December filled with crafts and outings, so we shall see about that. And I’m desperate to go and see the new Harry Potter film, so that needs doing. I’ll drag an unwilling Emily along with me. How times have changed from three years ago when we ate, slept, lived and breathed Harry Potter for her. I’m surprised that she doesn’t retain any affection at all for a story which was such an all-consuming passion at the time – but both the books and the films will always have a special place in my heart 😉


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2 Responses to Small Doings

  1. HelenHaricot says:

    that seems like a lot of positively moving forward 🙂

  2. Kirsty says:

    the BioEd online stuff looks interesting, shall have a look into that.

    I can relate with Emily’s feelings about HP, I’ve been really excited each film and book release but this one feels a bit meh and I’m not that bothered about it at all.

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