In the Freezer

It was -7 or lower all day yesterday, having been down to -14 overnight. Today we have freezing fog and it’s well below zero again. The heavy snow from over a week ago is still here; it’s barely melted at all, and what has melted has turned the road outside into a three inches thick ice rink. Cars and vans are really struggling on our little road and the main road’s not much better, so people are saying. Still, at least yesterday and today we had a post delivery, so things are finally starting to get through. Poor cats have had enough of this weather though; they’ve been virtually housebound for over a week!

No riding for Emily yesterday, again, thanks to the flippin’ weather, but she did do some computer work with Gramps. This morning we got on with another Christmas craft off our list and made some lovely paper hanging stars – these look great but are super easy and fast to make. By far the fiddliest part is joining two halves together into one 3D shape. You can make them in various sizes, so we experimented with some very big ones and some tiny ones for the seasonal tree. Found the idea on the very excellent and inspirational Magic Onions blog πŸ™‚

Over the weekend, Emily’s beloved PC died with some kind of fatal memory error. WeΒ  *think* it just needs a new ram stick or two, but we’re far from technical experts on that score and our lovely, lovely computer wizard friend can’t get over to see us because of the damn roads. So she’s grinning and bearing it without a PC – bearing up surprisingly well, actually, considering how joined at the hip it and she are/were πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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