The dining room sprung a leak over the window when the thaw started, so we had a few days of tubs and buckets and drips and streams, which slightly interrupted the Christmas crafting efforts. We *still* have snow covering the garden, although the roads are at least mostly clear now after rain in the last two days. We’re due more snow tomorrow and Saturday. We shall see.

No riding again on Monday, for the third week in a row; we’ve now cancelled it until the 3rd January. It’s a shame, as Emily had made huge progress in the weeks before the snow came, but what can’t be helped can’t be helped and the new riding school doesn’t have an indoor menage. No riding for the whole of December has saved us over £100, mind, which I’m sure Santa can put to good use 😉

On Monday, Emily had another IT session with Gramps; they’re not working on database-y, excel-y things for a change from programming. During the week, our lovely friend Sean came round and had a good look at Emily’s ailing PC and concluded that it was indeed a RAM problem, as we’d suspected. He got it working again, albeit slowly, by swapping a RAM stick from an old PC. We’ve ordered new memory for Emily’s, but Amazon have somewhat let us down there – it was supposed to be here on Monday, but still isn’t here. Ho-hum. At least Emily rediscovered several other passions while the PC was out of use, and  Jon figured out how to dis-assemble the thing and get the RAM out, which was a major thing for us as we’re the least technically minded people on the planet 🙂

Yesterday, Emily and I spent a pleasant hour in the morning making miniature wrapped presents to go on our seasonal tree. During the week, Emily has done a *lot* of photography; she’s developing  a real eye for it, we think. The close up of the purple bauble became the front of a CD cover she’s made, with the rather gorgeous blurred festive lights effect being the back complete with track listing. I hoped, a few months ago, that re-igniting an interest in photography would prompt some creativity and it certainly has 🙂

Jon and I are working our socks off up against festive deadlines, so there’s lots of work on the horizon this week. Emily’s having a Christmas sleepover on Friday and Saturday, which she’s really looking forward to 🙂 🙂 and then we have plans for a candlelit outdoor evening on Yule — snow allowing. And only 16 days until our little girl is 12!


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