Yule Lanterns

Well…. I don’t know if this is going to work…. but we had a go at making Yule lanterns today, following instructions from the magic onions blog. I’m not convinced that the tissue paper will harden sufficiently, but we shall see. It was lots of fun to do, anyway, and suitably messy. If they turn out OK, we’ll hang them from the tree branches when we have our outdoor Yule supper on Monday πŸ™‚

Meanwhile, Emily has been doing a ton of Christmas crafting on her own, including some top secret card and present making. πŸ™‚

This morning while we were making the lanterns, Lulu was being adorably Lulu. Got some very cute photos of her in flight…and a headless Lulu during a preening session πŸ™‚ Nearly two years she’s been with us now – she turned our lives well and truly upside down, but we couldn’t possibly imagine being without her!

Considering Lulu is downstairs with us flying free most at home home-ed mornings, and considering she chunters away, singing, screeching, talking and playing, and considering she can be both very loud and very mischevious, often both at the same time…. it’s no wonder that Emily’s powers of concentration are superb (when she wants them to be!) — she’s had two years of practice at working with a flying, screeching thing assaulting her eardrums, stealing her pens and making enough breeze to knock papers off the table πŸ˜‰ If she can work through Lulu, she can work through anything!

[And I still can’t get the hang of wordpress and photos. I can’t get them to appear in the order I want in the gallery, even though I change the sort order. And I can’t work out how to insert two galleries in one post; I wanted to put the craft photos first and then later the Lulu photos…..but oh, well. Life’s little irritations!]


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