Feverishly Festive

We had a lovely Christmas…. if a rather icky one. Emily’s fluey fever had started to get better on Christmas Eve, but by Christmas Day had got much worse again – she had already thrown up once before 8am (narrowly missing her tree presents!!) and would later throw up twice more after suffering prolonged coughing spasms and asthma problems all day, bless her heart. She was exhausted by Boxing Day after a night with no sleep and more continuous coughing, so we called the out of hours GP service, worried it was developing into bronchitis. It was and it did. Last time Emily had bronchitis, when she was five, that then developed into pneumonia and she was very sick for weeks, but fortunately she’s now turned a corner and it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen this time. A new asthma inhaler from the GP helped, but it wasn’t until yesterday, 28th, that she was really able to be up and about and start enjoying her presents.

Emily did manage valiantly well on Christmas Day itself, though and was delighted with her gifts. I didn’t take many pictures this year, not feeling very well myself either. She was the lucky recipient of lots of music CDs, books, games, edibles, smellies, bits, bobs and a brand new lap top, thereby freeing the old and dodgy one for exclusive use by her poor parents. From Nana and Gramps, a very posh graphics tablet, I tunes voucher, some cash, hand carved candlesticks which Gramps made to accompany her candelit baths πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ books, bath smellies and jewellery; from Grandad a Wii game.

I was thoroughly spoilt with choccies, slippers (I love slippers – other women like shoes and handbags, I like slippers, what can I say?), perfume, wine, a planisphere and a book I’d been wanting about astronomy with binoculars, from Emily and Daddy, and a beautiful warm cape from Nana and Gramps. Jon got the MP3 player he’d been wanting and a couple of football games from me and Emily, and alcohol, clothes and yummy stuff from N&G. Grandad bought me and Jon a very impressive looking “thing” – Jon knows what it is, because he chose it; I’m not entirely sure, but it’s some kind of stereo system which is compatible with the PC and lets you record your old vinyl and tapes onto a memory card, upload them onto the PC and then burn them to CD….which given the size of my husband’s music collection, should keep him busy well into old age!

Anyway, aside from the lovely gifts, we enjoyed a scrummy candlelit Christmas Dinner together – no turkey this year, disgusted as we were by the ridiculous prices, but we had chicken, lamb and beef with all the trimmings, expertly cooked by Jon as always, accompanied by Gramps-made wine and followed by the Yule Log Emily had made on Christmas Eve before she took a turn for the worse again. After dinner, we watched Johnny Depp in Alice in Wonderland on DVD, before watching some clever card tricks from Gramps and all having a go at Emily’s new board game, Politricks — a very clever Monopoly-esque satirical look at sleaze and greed in politics πŸ™‚

By half eleven, Emily was really struggling, so we called it a night, but it had been a very enjoyable day. There was lots of laughter and togetherness and no tears, even though Emily was sad at being ill on Christmas Day of all days. At some point on Christmas morning, I sprained my wrist quite badly and that’s still causing me a lot of pain; I’ve also got a junior version of Emily’s lurgy, but so far Jon has remained the healthy one of three of us.

Boxing Day, Monday and most of yesterday passed in a blur of coughing, vomiting, fever and pain, both for Emily and to a lesser extent for me, but we’re both feeling relatively human again now even if we are driving the rest of the family to distraction with the coughing. It’s looking likely that Emily will be able to enjoy New Year’s Eve and then her birthday after all πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Fingers crossed!


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One Response to Feverishly Festive

  1. Poor Emily, Asthma has a nasty habbit of turning to bronchitis:( And it dosnt take much to do it.Glad she is feeling a little better now.Not a nice way to spend xmas day at all.

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