So, our baby girl is twelve years old πŸ™‚

We had a fabulous family New Year’s Eve, a relaxing New Year’s Day and a fantabulous 2nd January birthday. Emily was feeling nearly better and didn’t stop smiling and laughing all day. Our main present for her is our forthcoming trip to London, complete with (free) tickets to see Prime Minister’s Question Time and a tour of the Houses of Parliament plus a theatre night out and lots of other goodies planned for the four days we’ll be there. Aside from that, coming up later in January, we also gave Emily some books she wanted, a bit of jewellery and a watch and some silly bits and bobs like a board game, a card game and a giant bottle of jellybeans. As you do. Lots of pictures here in addition to these few πŸ™‚

We decorated with a “British” theme as Emily loves all things Union Jack and it fitted well with the London present. From Nana and Gramps, Emily had lots of little bits and girly pieces, plus a new and very posh wireless printer, which she’s chuffed to little mint balls with. Grandad gave her a violin, which also delighted her as she’s been wanting to learn to play that and the piano – and we couldn’t quite stretch to a piano this year, lol, but it’s on the list for next year. We had our traditional family birthday tea too πŸ™‚ and stayed up until midnight playing lots of fun games with Nana and Gramps, including Best of British, charades, coffee pot (a big family favourite) and in the manner of – another hilarious favourite.

Yesterday was spent clearing up, taking down Christmas and birthday decorations and finally getting the house back in some order after a long December of fun, crafts, mess-making and illness – the latter being much less fun than all of the former.

This morning we started “back to work”, home-ed wise. Emily did a very long first violin session and really enjoyed it. We have a book to work through, but since I’m not remotely musical it’s a bit blind-leading-the-blind. I don’t think the violin is tuned right, although we tried out best with the tuning notes on the CD – a very musical friend is coming round later in the week to help us out. Also, the D string is very loose and doesn’t seem to retain its tension. Not sure what we can do about that, but we’ll ask said friend’s advice. It was a very cheap violin and I guess you get what you pay for – but if it does the job for getting Emily through this book, at least, then we can consider lessons. Since the lessons are the same price as the riding lessons, at well over Β£25 squids an hour…..we need to be sure it’s an interest which will last first before shelling out :-/ But we hope it does.

As well as music, Emily got back to work on some English. We’re (still!) on Chapter 2 of the SYRWTL English book, but we’re up to the “your turn to write” bit. She chose to write an essay about the implications and future of internet shopping, and did a very good job of it too. This afternoon there would have been more work, but I was somewhat floored by someone chasing a piece of my work much earlier than I thought it was due, so I was relegated unwillingly to the laptop all afternoon to try to get that done. Grumble, grumble.

I’m really looking forward to 2011. I have a good feeling about this year. 2010 wasn’t such a bad old year itself and we all made lots of progress towards our personal and business goals πŸ™‚ Even the nasty bits and loss of “friendships” are, the more I think about it, a blessed relief. Onwards and upwards!


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