Mixed Results

The Mum-sets-assignments-for-Emily to do thingy is having mixed results. I left some maths for her to do while I went out the other day and came home to find the maths done but illegible with sarky comments scrawled all over the questions. *Would raise eyebrows if it weren’t a relatively normal response to maths in this house*. But it was done and, once I could be bothered deciphering it, correct. The history work I set at the same time was done, legible (mainly because it was typed, lol) and again correct, albeit shorter than I’d hoped. Daughter was extremely unimpressed with the whole process.

The second part of the history I assigned has yet to be done, but some more maths and English done “with company” was fine.

I didn’t get done any of the writing work I wanted to get done while Emily was working alone…. which makes me wonder whether there’s any point to the whole thing. I just don’t know. I know that at Emily’s age I would have loved to have been home educated and working on my own at home — but I can say that with hindsight, having hated secondary school. Maybe at her age if all I’d known was home ed, I’d be taking a different view too.

The thing is that when Emily works along side me, she does great work but everything takes sooooo long, mainly because we distract one another. We spend a lot of time either laughing or fighting (much more of the former than the latter, I’m relieved to report) and that gets in the way of any kind of working efficiency. It also means Emily gets a little bit lazy at times and will rely on me to prompt her even though she’s perfectly capable. Hence why I thought some independent working would be good for her – but perhaps she doesn’t have the personality to enjoy working alone.

Working in any kind of home ed group is out of the question, a) because there are no actual education focused groups around here, as opposed to “play” groups, b) because neither of us enjoyed any of the groups and found them an ordeal and c) because I know full well that rubbish is being spread about us behind our backs, so we’re unlikely to ever attend any local groups again (not that we attended more than two or three times a year anyway!).

So if working alone doesn’t suit her, working in a home ed group is a no-no, school is totally out of the question, we can’t afford tutors and working with me is hugely time consuming and inefficient, where on earth does that leave us???? Potentially up a gumtree, I would have thought – but I’m sure we’ll work it out eventually. Two days isn’t exactly a fair trial of the Mum-sets-assignments malarkey, so we’ll see how it pans out, I suppose.

Violin practice has been excellent, consistent and – gasp – voluntary, even over the weekend. So that’s something positive. Plus the wonky D string is fixed and I’ve ordered a clip on tuner thingy, so we might actually get somewhere with that. Emily hasn’t been riding for about six weeks now, since the first snow, because the school doesn’t have an indoor menage. Even though most of the snow has now gone, they apparently have great heaps of snow in their outdoor school, which were cleared from the stables, and the piles aren’t melting. We shall see whether it’s on tomorrow or not, but I’m hoping – when it finally gets back into gear – that riding, along with violin, will perk up some of Emily’s enthusiasm.

To be fair, I don’t suppose we’ll get back into a proper home ed rhythm until after we get back from London at the end of this month. Next week we’ve got to get the car MOTd, get Emily new glasses and all sorts of other errands, and then the week after that we’ll be frantically trying to get grown up work done ahead of time, then the week after that we’re gone, so I can’t see all that much home ed going on in the meantime. We’ll have to make up for it once we’re back 🙂

My enthusiasm for astronomy is growing, aided and abetted by my Dad and by the lovely planisphere and books Emily and Jon gave me for Christmas. After weeks of cloud, I was finally able to have a good look last night and found – drumroll – the Orion Nebula. I was hugely impressed with myself and now I’ve found it I can’t stop looking at it – even if, through binoculars, it’s more of a fuzzy white patch than a show stopper 🙂 I also tried out some moon photography, having figured out the appropriate settings on the camera, but that was a disaster – even though I eventually got a nice photo of the crescent moon, the zoom on my camera just isn’t powerful enough to show any detail. My Dad’s camera is a much more impressive beast, however, and he got some great results. Next job is to see if we can work out how to get a photograph through binoculars or the telescope.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to inspire Emily with astronomy. She’s willing to go out and have a brief look but then it gets too cold 😉 It seems that gone are the days when a little girl would be fascinated with whatever Mum or Dad was doing :-/ And therein lies the rub of home educating a secondary age child, I suppose. The boundaries between what they want to learn and what you think they should be learning or be interested in are very indistinct but quite the battleground when you stumble across them. It was all so much easier a couple of years ago!


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3 Responses to Mixed Results

  1. Alison says:

    Last paragraph feels familiar!

    Interesting reading this one, because my lot have all had years of being somewhat neglected due to there being 4 of them, and so Ernest and Gwenny are used to doing their work mostly by themselves – sometimes I will talk to them before they do some thing, but usually I only get involved if they get stuck or want my input for some other reason. It can be frustrating not to have enough time to do everything thoroughly with each of them in turn.

  2. jj says:

    I so miss A being home edded 😦
    I think you are doing a fab job and emily obviously loves it .

    • nikkielysian says:

      Sorry Janette, I missed this comment. Thank you for your kind words. I hope A is happy at school; I’m sure you did the right thing in facilitating it, however heart wrenching it must have been.

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