Away to Seek Our Fortunes

Just a quick catch up post before we go away on Sunday – two more sleeps – Emily’s super excited!

I’ve forgotten most of what we’ve actually done over the last ten days, but it’s been pleasant and productive enough. On Monday, Emily finally got back to riding – yay! She took to it straight away again, despite the seven week gap, and by the end of the lesson was doing her first strides in canter πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Apparently, canter was a lot faster than she though it was going to be, lol. So proud of her.

On Monday afternoon, Emily and Gramps had their normal session and Gramps taught Emily some great new mathematically based card tricks. Quite the repertoire she’s building up now!

At some point in the week we did some more politics work, looking at the ideology and history of the Liberal movement. The ideology chapter seems to have been going on for ever, but that’s just because we gave December over to craft work and we haven’t achieved much this January, so it actually has been going on for three months. Never mind, we’ll be able to move on when we get back. There was also some more English and some more maths and, um, that was probably about it, home ed wise. Although there was plenty of violin, if that counts. Emily’s still doing really well with that and has only missed two days since her birthday on the 2nd Jan.

So, if we weren’t doing home ed, as such, what were we doing? Errrr….. well….. Emily was pottering about, reading a lot of current affairs, news and politics stuff, twittering/tweeting (which is it?) about politics and “stuff”. Jon and I were trying to get some work done, and Jon’s been out and about. New toys for Lulu arrived, so I spent a long time sorting her cage out, cleaning it thoroughly and re-arranging all her toys in there, so that she’s got plenty to do while we’re away. My Mum and Dad are going to look after her while we’re gone, and they always look after the cats. Lulu will have to stay in her cage rather than coming out and about most of the day like she does with us – but then, both times we’ve taken her to a parrot sitter while we’ve been away, she’s stayed in the cage anyway, being too nervous to come out. So at least now she’ll be in familiar surroundings and with people she knows rather than somewhere strange with strangers. She’ll be fine.

On Saturday night we went to the very belated Christmas service and buffet at the spiritualist church, which was good fun. Emily won a huge teddy bear in the raffle – which was hilarious, considering she’s always *hated* teddy bears. Any other kind of soft toy, yes, she’s got dozens, but not bears. Hehe. She’s called it George because it’s got a scowl on its face and she thinks it looks like George Osborne on the front bench during PMQs! Mind you, she also won a tin of quality street, which was considerably more her thing πŸ˜‰

I’ve been star gazing a little but not all that much this week as we’ve been so busy. Mum and Dad have both been taking photographs, though. Dad took this beautiful Full Moon and Mum took the gorgeous sunrise photos. Ignore the date on the sunrise pictures; wrong date setting on the camera.

Writing-wise it’s been a huge rush to get ahead of deadlines which fall while we’re away. I have a lot of plans to finally get my writing sorted out and much more productive once we get back. Likewise with home education. We shall see.

We did have very good news about the most important part of our London trip for my politics obsessed daughter: the Houses of Parliament tour and PMQs viewing. It’s taken months to finally get the details sorted out, but a phone call from our MP’s wife confirmed things last week. Apparently, the tours, which you have to prebook via your MP, no longer go into the House of Commons chamber at all – but she’s arranged for us to meet her there first thing in the morning and she will give us a private tour of the chamber before the rest of the tour group arrives and the tour of the rest of the complex begins. Just us three – brilliant! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Then we join the tour, then it’s coffee and chat and then entry to the gallery for Prime Minister’s Questions πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Hopefully it will be entertaining; must confess we’re half hoping for a big political scandal between now and then! At least with the resignations of Alan Johnson and Andy Coulson last night and this morning there might be fodder for a good row over the despatch box πŸ˜‰

So, we’re off. We’ve got four nights and five days in London. I was on-off familiar with central London while I grew up in Berkshire, just half an hour on the train from Waterloo, and I temped in central London for a while, but haven’t been there for the last fifteen years. Jon is much more familiar with it, having lived and studied there, but he too hasn’t been for fifteen years, so we’re nearly as excited as Emily.Β  Apart from Parliament on Wednesday morning, there’s lots of other goodies on the agenda – the London Eye, Covent Garden, Tower of London, Oxford St/Regent St shopping, night out at the theate to see the apparently super scary Woman in Black, Harrods, Natural History Museum, boat trip to Greenwich Observatory, Westminster Abbey, wave at Buck Palace and Downing St in passing, National Gallery with live music on Weds night, Tate Modern, British Museum and hopefully a ghost walk too. We’ll be exhausted bunnies but happy ones!


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  1. HelenHaricot says:

    trip sounds brill. looking forward to hearing about it πŸ™‚

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