Getting Down to Business

Lots of great economics done this morning, with a look at competition and monopoly. After lots of reading and discussion, Emily took on this case study/research task from the Biz-ed site – The Perfume Market: A Complex Monopoly? – and did very well indeed. We’ll probably do this Oligopolies research thingy tomorrow or during the week. Well, tomorrow I’ll be out practically all day taking Grandad to a notoriously lengthy hospital appointment, but I’ll be leaving Emily with plenty to get her teeth into.

This afternoon, Emily had her regular Monday afternoon Gramps session; Gramps had the fantastic idea of getting Emily to work on a project setting up Excel spreadsheets to run the accounts of a small business, including accounting for VAT 🙂 – she’s quite excited about that, and I think it’s brilliant, incorporating lots of useful IT skills with some basic business studies concepts too. They spent this afternoon looking at various formulae to solve some maths problems on volume and area and tinkering with the spreadsheet which ran the accounts for the off-licence my Mum and Dad used to own. During the week, Emily’s going to sketch out what she thinks she needs from a small business accounts spreadsheet and then they’ll work together on getting it set up with some input data from the old shop.

No riding this morning as Emily wasn’t feeling up to it. Violin is still going brilliantly; over the weekend Emily was practicing away and has now mastered Amazing Grace; today’s task was a first look at playing an extract from Botany Bay. Tomorrow when – if – I get back from the damn hospital we’ll be doing some more photography and then there’s lots more work planned for the week ahead. We’re waiting to hear whether a good friend can come for a sleepover, but other than that it’s not half term here 😉


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