Beautiful Bokeh

Arrgh, long time no post. It’s been mostly photography, economics, riding and violin around here since my last post. Emily’s small business IT/accounting project with Gramps is progressing very well and at riding she’s done a load more balance work on the lunge and is doing a lot of work on precision riding, tight turns and so on.

In economics, we’ve been doing a fair bit, including lots of work about shifting demand curves, which we had covered before but are now re-doing and which seems to be making a lot more sense for Emily this time round.

Mostly, though, it’s been photography. Last week we bought a little pop up light tent to use with an eye to Emily trying out some product type photography. She loved having a go with that and produced some beautiful jewellery shots. Since she’s now become very interested in marketing, we’re going to do some formal marketing case study things and then work on some advertising/marketing projects where she can do the photography, the artwork and the branding/copywriting as an integrated “thing”.

One of Emily’s favourite photography techniques is the deliberate/artistic blurring of a background – we didn’t know it until this week, but there’s a proper name for this style of work – bokeh. She was very excited to discover some how-to articles about how to create amazing light effects with shaped bokeh masks over a lens. Ordinary out of focus backgrounds – tick, easy peasy. Beautiful scattered colour lights out of focus in circles – tick, easy peasy, went on the cover of the Christmas CD Emily made last year. Beautiful light effects forced into hearts, stars, flowers, whatever – now that, was irresistible.

Now. We tried this extensively. It is nowhere near as easy as those articles would have you believe. Even my Dad, photographer extraordinaire with a very posh camera (technical term) found it very difficult to get right. After hours of trial and error, Emily finally managed to produce some hearts… but then had a bit of a breakthrough and cracked it with the star shaped cut out and her blue fairy lights. The rings of blue stars are very cute! Gramps went up into the attic and got down some multi coloured fairy lights which she can experiment with, but we haven’t had time to do that yet. We also need to go and try it with some streetlights…..although being out in the dark around here isn’t, shall we say, a lot of fun.

Anyway, below is a little gallery with some of the jewellery photography from the light tent and the bokeh efforts, plus a pic of the light tent set up (we’re supposed to have posh lighting and so on, but hey, we have to make do with what we’ve got) and some of Emily’s other favourites of a few ornaments she took in the same session. I must sort out a proper flickr account or similar to keep her stuff on.

Meanwhile, violin continues with great enthusiasm, still. This week Emily’s mastered both vibrato and slurs and we’ve bought a book with grade 1 pieces in it so she can see what kind of level that is. Still no formal lessons with a real music teacher, but I’m so proud of how far she’s effectively taught herself. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Emily has also spent a long time trying to transcribe, by ear, the music of some of her favourite songs, and she’s downloaded this to use. Highly educational, I’d say 🙂


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One Response to Beautiful Bokeh

  1. Emily says:

    Yes, that program is brilliant- I’ve got better at getting the tempo and timing right, and I’ve also been learning about semiquavers ( not that I can actually play them), quaver rests and semibreves which we won’t get to in the book for absolutely yonks. The weird black stuff on the bow hairs appears to have got worse though…

    (PS, you missed out the best star bokeh! *Sulk*)

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