Something Will Turn Up

Hmm. It’s been a stressful week or so, hence the lack of blogging. The BBC, our biggest single contract, managed to not pay us in either January or February — in fact, when they finally paid up yesterday, that was the first payment we’d had since December. Having to struggle through the last couple of months minus several thousand pounds of income you were expecting has been…. rough. Even though they have now paid in full, we were forced to miss various payments to credit cards etc, which have left us in default and now struggling to play catch up; it also meant no use of cards for the last six weeks, and such is the havoc the whole thing has wreaked with our cash flow that there have even been times of being unable to put petrol in the car or pop out for a loaf of bread. All deeply depressing and verging on the frightening at points.

The contract is likely set to end in March in any case. But if you know the money’s not coming in, you can work around it and prepare. If you’re expecting it and then it doesn’t show up….and you chase it for eight weeks being constantly told “next week, next week”…. there’s very little you can do. It’s been a bloody nightmare. To cap it all, just hours after the money finally appeared, we discovered that there’s a problem with the car tracking which we now need to have done plus two new tyres as a matter of urgency. Just when you think the financial stress will ease for a week or two – nope.

So, our recent lack of home ed should be considered against a stressful background, in my defence. We have done some economics and politics, and we’ve started a new history topic looking at the troubles in Northern Ireland. Emily’s been carrying on with her business accounts project with Gramps, and we did spend a productive afternoon talking with Jon’s Dad about his (enormous) family tree and trying to make notes on it all (my side of the family’s – rather smaller – lot to come next week).  Meanwhile, we’ve been ferrying him around to all manner of medical appointments, and both Jon and I have had doc appointments too. I had a long overdue smear test and was greatly cheered (not) to discover that apparently I’m on some sort of fast track as being a higher risk (had a colposcopy in the past and am still, seven year later, on yearly recall). Jon need a diabetes check up for the first time in about three years — our health gets put on the back burner, shall we say, while we run around after someone else. :-~

I’ve just taken on a new, large and urgent content writing project for a US directory, which will help boost our income during this sticky patch….but there’s no getting away from the fact that the next few months, if the BBC contract goes bye-bye (and it’s 90% that it will) are going to be difficult. We have a million plans and ideas. The problem is getting them done. I’m confident that something will turn up. It always has in the past. But still. It’s making me and Jon uneasy and tetchy.

Earlier in the week, Emily and I went off out on a photography trip….well, I’m not sure it met the photography brief, but it did bring lots of smiles and laughter, which was healing. Somewhat spoilt it later in the week by having a meltdown with Emily over a minor home ed task. *Bad parent*. I’m sure there will be light at the end of the tunnel. We’re hanging on in there.


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