Pies and Literature

It seems to have been a bitty week, although a pleasant one. Things have been done and happening all over the show, but not necessarily coherently or sequentially!

Emily and Jon have been out and about to car boots and jumble sales; they got some fabulous kiddie construction toys which Lulu the parrot absolutely adores trying to take apart πŸ™‚ and lots of interesting, different, clothes for Emily. Emily also treated herself to an antique style telephone, as you do. She’s been cooking too, although yesterday’s first ever attempt at a lemon souffle didn’t quite work – instead, it turned into a very yummy kind of hot mousse “thing”!

Emily and Gramps, in their Monday afternoon session, had great fun producing lots of pie charts and bar charts in Excel using a breakdown of council tax figures and world GDP figures for 2010. They also worked out how to use Excel to do moving averages and produced a graph showing how, depending upon the data set you use, you get very different moving average results.

In politics, Emily’s been working on anarchism (hehe) and produced some thoughtful answers to a model exam question which asked “Is Anarchy a Utopian Creed?” Today is budget day, so we’ll be hot footing it back from riding (moved to Weds this week) to watch PMQs followed by Georgie Porgie and his sinister grin at the despatch box. Oh yes, at some point during the week there was some economics and some vaguely sciencey stuff too, looking at hard and soft water.

In violin, Emily’s just finished mastering Scarborough Fair and Over the Sea to Skye and has worked on some more Grade I pieces, but as yet without the piano accompaniment – need to work on that bit, but since she’s doing this purely for pleasure and not in any formal way, there’s no pressure, which is nice πŸ™‚

We’ve also done some English work, looking at using sentence fragments to create effect, using the opening of Dickens’ Bleak House as a model. I really want us to do some formal literature study, but I’ll have to work out how. Emily hates reading to order and I’d really rather not end up destroying her love of reading just so I can tick a few boxes. But I certainly think she needs to read – and “get” – some classics and some Shakespeare and other plays. Struggling with poetry appreciation too, for much the same reasons. Enforced literature study (as opposed to reading for pleasure) all seems a bit vague and pointless as an exercise with an unwilling child…..but is one of those things that I enjoyed at school and have a nagging feeling that Emily “ought” to a) enjoy and b) learn to do well. But I can’t for the life of me give a good reason why she ought to, just that she, well, ought to. Perhaps?!


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One Response to Pies and Literature

  1. Kara Hicks says:

    The dilemma over literature study is very familiar here!! I’m planning to exploit A’s love of drama to work on some Shakespeare plays with her. Novels are a whole other matter!

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