Progress and a Proposal

Apart from my maudlin moment in the last post, the last ten days have been good, with much progress and a proposal. No, not the marrying kind, the book kind. I have finally finished the book proposal for Moon Surfing and it has gone out to three agents and a publisher. Now, technically, you’re not “supposed” to submit a proposal to more than one place at a time – but given that they all cheerfully tell you that it’ll be three months before they get back to you…. bugger that. I love this book, Renegade Writer, and the accompanying blog, which advocate breaking many of these rather silly, arcane and semi-mythical “rules” which are set forth about how to be published. So that’s my excuse.

There has been lots of progress in home ed too. Emily is doing fabulously with French, and I’m pleased to say that we’ve been able to keep to our daily routine of getting that subject covered. Violin is also continuing apace – half an hour ago, she made a start on learning Moon River from the grade II pieces book and it already sounds lovely. I’m starting to feel very left behind in music theory, though, so we’ve grabbed some grade I and II music theory books to try to help me help her keep up to speed. No riding this Monday as we had to move the days around due to the riding school being full of kids (bah!) during the holidays; she’s off riding tomorrow though and can’t wait.

With Gramps for the last two Mondays, Emily’s been working on fun IT/business project, which revolves around creating questionnaires, data, charts, marketing material and adverts for a made up events company. They’ve been working with this book, which was for the old Vocational A-Level AVCE ICT qualification 🙂

In politics we’ve spent some time looking at deep ecology as an ideology, contrasted with anthropecentrist ecology. Much discussion was had of the accepted principles of deep ecology and the criticism of the movement. Emily was particularly fascinated/aghast by the idea of stopping aid to developing countries as a way of controlling/decreasing population, and by the concept that, taken to its logical extremes, deep ecology places as much value on the smallpox virus as it does on a human (or any other form of life), and that it therefore rejects medical advances (the same kinds of medical advances which saved her life when she was born). There’s an interesting critique of the deep ecology philosophy here on Green Fuse. We also discussed bioregionalism and its implications, and were able to draw parallels between deep ecology and other “extremist” views, including extreme feminism.

In economics, we’ve been finishing up work about the supply curve and elasticity of supply, while in biology we’ve started again in earnest to work through this Complete Biology for IGCSE book.

Finally, there’s been lots of photography too; notably an attempt to work on creative motion blur with long shutter speeds – unfortunately, that didn’t work too well as it was roaring sunshine on that day and there was far too much light for what we needed. But we’ll come back to it.

Trips out have included a whole day at a carboot sale yesterday, when Emily and Jon came home laden with goodies, including a huge classical music CD set for Emily, a golden tea set for Emily and a lovely pair of astronomy-suitable binoculars for me 🙂  Last week we took a great friend to Magna for the day and then she and Emily enjoyed an extended sleepover with giggles lasting well into the night and through the next day.


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One Response to Progress and a Proposal

  1. Elaine says:

    Sounds like everything’s going very well. Thanks for the link to Magna – have been meaning to check this out for a long time. Elaine x

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