Still Here

No blog for a fortnight = bad blogger. We’re still here.

Had a fab Easter with the world’s most delicious lemon curd cake ably baked by my beautiful daughter. Emily’s traditional Easter treasure hunt resulted in lots of books, including a new violin book and lots of horsey ones, plus enough chocolate to feed an army regiment, so she was a happy bunny.

Home ed has been pottering along. Lots and lots and lots of French, including from this Easy French Reader, which is an excellent book. We’ve signed up to Busuu (the free version so far), which has free beginner courses in a variety of languages and lots of interaction with other people. I especially like correcting other people’s English  – in exercises posted specifically for that purpose… not just me being a pedantic cow 😉 – I think I might have missed my vocation as an ESL teacher.  I’ve got myself down there for the basic Russian courses, but have not yet had a chance to look into it. Simply too much else going on.

Riding is going fabulously well. Discovered on Monday that the stables do have horses for part loan, including Blue who Emily rides at the moment. Unsure as yet how much that costs or what exactly it involves, but it’s sounding intriguing and will need looking into. Alas, two of my book proposals have met with a polite thanks but not thanks, so I’m unlikely to be storming the best sellers list any time imminently, and since the buying of two horses was kind of dependent on overnight riches as an author 😉 … part loan it may have to be.

In English, we’ve been looking at essay writing skills, skimming through this book and with Emily practicing writing essay outlines and introductory paragraphs for a number of topics. She can waltz it, that girl, with English. She’d make an outstanding writer or journalist – not that she wants to. May have to persuade her to try to make herself some pocket money from writing in some way in order to contribute to the horse fund. Nothing like a bit of sneaky emotional blackmail to inspire someone to use their talents.

We’ve also been doing some more economics, some music theory, some very occasional science, IT with gramps, some photography and more politics – in politics, we’re going to start to get to grips with the baffling US political system. If we start now, you never know, we might have finally figured out what they’re on about by the time US election fever sets in later this year/early next year/whenever the heck all the preliminary malarkey kicks off. Eventually I’ll fork out for the US Politics version of our current UK politics textbook, but to begin with I’m taking the somewhat less expensive option of this book.

We watched the Royal Wedding on Friday and I endured a lot of leg pulling for being so interested in it – I love the pomp and ceremony and sense of occasion and all round British-ness of it, I’m afraid, even though it seems to be terribly politically incorrect these days to admit to an interest and affection for such events.

Lots and lots and lots of work is on the horizon; I’ve been commissioned to write two blog posts a week for an education directory blog; the new incarnation of the used-to-be-BBC site is finally underway and I need to provide content for that; our work for the main US directory is ever present. A good friend was recently able to retrieve huge archives of documents and astrological charts for me from a defunct zip drive, dating back to 1999. This means we can now resurrect what used to be our thriving main astrology site without having to reinvent the wheel. There are hundreds of articles and client answers etc there that we can repurpose into a more modern blog style; I have plans to possibly go back to doing face to face consultations too, and we’ll be setting the online shop back up again shortly.

Meanwhile, Jon has been officiating at his first few spiritualist church services and we’re very proud of him. Jon’s dad has a hospital appointment next week to finally find out what, if anything, they can do for his heart problems, so it will be a relief to get to that point. This morning I’ve arranged a referral for him to the NHS wheelchair people, so hopefully in the next few weeks we’ll be given a wheelchair so that at least we can take him out and about for walks around the village. That will cheer him up and also be good for all of us too, so fingers crossed they’ll say he can have one. He can barely walk from one room to another at the moment, so he really does need one.

And tomorrow, Emily and I are off to Harewood House for the day, stopping off to vote on the way. As I write this, she and Jon are out at another car boot sale, so I’ll shall await with interest to see what goodies they come home with this time!


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  1. Emily says:

    ‘Ello, it’s just me. How am I supposed to sign up for email updates with the NON-HACKED email address? I can’t figure it out.

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