Day Off

Gah Gah Gah to the election and referendum results and “how short-sighted can you be??” to “former” Lib Dem voters who have jumped ship. And on that topic, enough said.

Emily and I had a fabulous day on Thursday. Headed off out early, stopping to vote on the way, and found our way to Harewood House. Absolutely fell in love with the place, as did Emily. I was particularly enchanted by the red kits – there were half a dozen of them constantly flying, swooping and swirling over the huge terrace at the back of the house and over the car park. I have a thing about birds of prey, but I’d never seen red kites so close in the wild before. And they were very, very close. Naturally, however, any photographs I attempted of them came out as tiny black silhouettes. Ho hum.

Anyway. The house was gorgeous, the grounds even more so, and the bird sanctuary bit was lovely too. We had a great picnic and kept running into the Earl himself showing guests around the servant’s exhibition, prompting fits of giggles from me and Emily as we contemplated kidnapping him and demanding he hand over the keys :-)) Beautiful day, beautiful house, beautiful scenery, beautiful company – very happy and relaxing.


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