Black and White

Emily and Jon came back from a car boot sale today with a beautiful Pentax P30 “old” manual film SLR camera, complete with lenses. Emily’s fascinated with it and with what life was like before digital cameras; we’ve ordered some black and white film and she’s going to have a ball with it, I’m sure. Gramps is going to teach us how to develop the film at home 🙂

Everything is going very positively at the moment, including home ed. I can’t believe how much progress Emily is making with French. Maybe she’s inherited my language gene! We’re up to chapter six in the (really very, very good) Grammar Based French book and we’re getting some done virtually every day. She’s also spending a lot of time picking up the language herself and trying to read and translate news articles from French. I sense a visit to France coming on sooner rather than later. I’m also going to order this Kloo card game, which is currently on offer for a free/£1 trial. I’m not sure whether Emily will take to it or not as she isn’t usually a fan of gimmicks for learning, but apart from anything else, I’m curious as to how it works!

In violin, Emily’s just mastered trills; I think we’re getting very close to the point where we’re going to have to upgrade her violin though. It’s a very, very cheap one that Grandad kindly got her for her birthday, but I think she’s outgrown it already. Need to move to a proper student one with a much better tone. I would like to get her a Paganini student violin, but at close to £250 I’m thinking we’ll probably have to go for a Stentor Conservatoire outfit instead….at least it’s recommended by teachers and would be a vast improvement on the one she has now.

In other home ed work, we’ve been looking at the workings of the UK supreme court and at elasticity of supply in economics. Gramps has come up with a wonderful scenario for Emily’s continuing excel/IT work with him, in which she’s designing and implementing spreadsheet solutions for an off-licence/video store – much like the one my Mum and Dad ran here when they first moved here 😉

There’s been a lot of reading going on too. In the last couple of weeks, Emily’s finished The Vanished and Sovay, both by Celia Rees who has long been a favourite author; plus Century by Sarah Singleton (which she read in about an hour and a half and wasn’t all that impressed with) and Looking for JJ by Anne Cassidy. Before then it was Wreckers by Julie Hearn (very much enjoyed, this was apparently a modern take on Pandora’s Box) and Truth or Dare, another Celia Rees.

We’ve been very busy with real life work and with volunteer things too – last weekend I helped Jon design and write a newsletter for the spiritualist church, and he’s been busy at committee meetings and taking services. He’s also booked himself onto an advanced mediumship course in July, much to my delight; been going on at him to get back into proper development for a year or so now.

And those photographs from flickr down the side of the page are starting to annoy me now! Emily’s taken hundreds of photos since then; must get time to get them uploaded!


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One Response to Black and White

  1. Emily says:

    If I’m getting a new violin, can I have a new bow too? My current one is really starting to get a little iffy…

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