Rushed Off Feet

I don’t know where the time is going; it can’t possibly be June already. Things are getting done, but everything is taking up so much time – need more hours in the day.

On Wednesday we had a very productive day – riding in the morning; in the afternoon we managed French and violin practice; then Emily started to experiment with the old camera she got from the car boot sale, since the black and white films have finally arrived. She had great fun in the garden with it – but it takes quite some getting used to not be able to see what you’ve just taken! It was a very good exercise for her though, in needing to think through the composition and style of a photo before taking it rather than just taking loads and knowing that most, but not all of them would work. She hasn’t quite finished the film yet, but will be developing it next week with Gramps, so that should be fun. And after all that, we still had time to bake, from scratch, a wonderful lemon cheesecake.

From Wednesday evening onwards, we’ve been doing a step by step revamp of Emily’s blue bedroom. She has far too much “stuff” in there, but now wants to fit in our huge spare desk and two display cabinets…which is going to require much shuffling of space. A set of cubby holes had to be cleared and things moved to under the bed; then a cupboard had to be cleared and decanted into some of the cubby holes. That far we’ve got, over two evenings. Still to come, there are random corners and piles of stuff to be moved/slimmed down, Emily’s old desk to be cleared and the contents sorted, and two huge bookcases to be sorted into books she wants to keep in there and books which can move onto a new case in the hallway; this will then hopefully mean that some of the piles of books on every possible surface in the room can find a home. Then, finally, the old desk and cupboard can come out, and the “new” desk and display cabinet can go on; as for the other display cabinet…that’s still a thought in progress but we’re hoping it will fit somewhere.

Yesterday we took Jon’s father out for lunch nearby and had a long mooch around a garden centre and pet shop. He now insists that he needs to be in his wheelchair whenever he leaves the house…which is not necessary and which, we can’t help feel, is just encouraging him to “give up”. We’ve started taking him out each day (or most days) in the wheelchair around the village, which is incredibly hard work considering he’s very heavy and the camber on the pavements is shockingly steep. There are hospital and doctor’s appointments piling up, and we’re also now having to prepare Grandad’s lunch and dinner (separate food, at separate times) each day and sort out his daily medications. Most of this, he could still do himself. There’s a fine line between caring for someone and encouraging independence and I’m concerned that we’re too far over the line into I’ll-just-sit-here-and-you-do-everything-for-me territory which is a) not fair on Emily right now and b) not good for his mental health. Sigh. We’re still trying to find a balance that is good and fair to everyone, including Jon’s Dad of course. This morning I took him to see the diabetic nurse at the hospital; they’re changing his insulin again so that’s another long round of appointments at the hospital, appointments at the GP and then follow ups to pencil into the calendar.

Oh yes – some funny news. Well, it’s funny now, it wasn’t at the time. I had a hair appointment on Tuesday morning and on the spur of the moment decided to have my hair cut into a very, very short crop and dyed blue. As you do. I love the colour, but initially I hated the cut and was kicking myself for having been so stupid. Actually, several days and a few washes down the line, it’s not too bad and I’m growing to like the cut. I think it was just a) the shock and b) the way she’d styled it (not a way I’d ever do myself…I don’t do styling, I just do wash and wear…and it looks much better wash and wear!).

Work is going nuts; there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all even if we were both able to work full time at it – which we can’t, because we’re home educating and Grandad caring. It’s a good thing that there’s so much going on, income-wise, but a very frustrating thing at times when deadlines are piling up and other things are demanding attention.

Horses are still very much a preoccupation; hopefully Emily will be able to work at the stables a few mornings a week after the summer holidays have finished (it’s always swarming with kids during the holiday time). She’ll get experience of stable management and looking after the horses; any extra riding will be a bonus, but there might not be much of that. We shall see. There’s always the option of having her current riding school horse on part loan, but I’ve yet to pluck up the courage and find out exactly how much that would be and what it would entail. Meanwhile, I’m making huge efforts to lose enough weight to get back to riding myself. This simply has to be done, because even if we won the lottery tomorrow, Emily’s not old enough to go out hacking alone. Besides, I want a clippy-cloppy too! You never know, by the time I’ve finally lost enough weight (insert number of years here) we might actually be able to afford things!



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