Good News Just Keeps Coming

Hmm, we must be in a good patch. Hope it lasts!

Several uber-exciting things are happening at the moment. First off, Jon’s finally going to make his debut as a platform medium in August πŸ™‚ It’s excellent timing as he’s just have been back a couple of weeks from a development course, so he should hopefully be feeling confident in his abilities. Super duper excited for him!

Secondly, we’ve established that we’re financially able to… Emily a horse! And….by my 41st birthday next August, to buy me one too! Basically, the cost of keeping Emily’s isn’t going to work out much more than we’re paying to loan Blue in any case, so the plan is that we’re working really hard for the rest of June to finish a big work project, and will set aside money from that for the actual purchase of the horse. Once bought, we won’t be loaning Blue any more and that money will go to the horse’s upkeep. We’re not going to rush into anything, so Emily will loan Blue probably for the rest of this year and we’ll look to buy around Christmas/New Year time; that will give her several months of experience in caring for a horse on a day to day basis too, which is important.

In order to be able to buy a horse for me next summer, I need to lose (lots and lots of) weight – at the moment, I’m simply too big to ride. I doubt anyone would sell me a horse at my current size, and it wouldn’t be fair on the poor creature anyway! The good news in that department is that since we made the decision a week ago I’ve already lost nearly half a stone. I know it won’t keep on vanishing at that rate, but it’s a very promising start and I haven’t found it too hard, with plenty of exercise each day and extremely healthy eating. I’m very confident that I’ll have lost enough weight by next summer and reasonably confident that I’ll have achieved it long before then.

Next up in the good news list is that I had a very encouraging reply from Hay House, who are huge, huge mind body spirit publishers, about my book proposal. OK, so it was a no, but she did say she loved the concept and was impressed with the proposal and to not give up, which was something. Other business ideas up my sleeve are bubbling along nicely also.

Another bit of good news is that it looks like Emily’s best friend will be able to see her much more often now, which is very good news indeed.

And the final bit of good news is that Emily’s blue room is finally sorted out and she now has my huge desk in there to work on, plus glass display cabinets and other bits and pieces she wanted and it’s all looking very lovely. It absolutely killed us last night moving furniture around frantically and clearing it all up, but it’s done, and she spent all day today arranging things and making it look good. So that’s another thing off the long-term project list, ticked and completed. What’s next? πŸ™‚


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