Still Going Well

We finally finished the big US project we were working on, which means that by the middle of next month there will be “clippy cloppy” money to put into a separate bank account and hold on to until Emily’s perfect horse comes along πŸ˜‰

It’s been a nice week all round, in fact. It was Jon’s Dad’s birthday on Tuesday, so we had a birthday tea (pasta and cake) for him, which was very jolly. On Wednesday, Emily and I went to the Lincolnshire Show, which was fabulous. Gorgeous, stunning horses. Emily took some astonishing action shots; here’s one, you can see the rest at this link.

At the show, we bought this book, 101 Schooling Exercises for You and Your Horse, to give Emily plenty to work on when she rides Blue each day. Emily bought herself a beautiful green fascinator which matched her shirt. We also amused ourselves briefly by visiting some of the college tents where they all seemed to think Emily was old enough to go to college and couldn’t wait to ask what course she was interested in….threatened to go into the private school ones too, but didn’t have time in the end πŸ˜‰ There was a massive cloudburst right at the end of the day, but even that was fun, hiding in the tents and ploughing our way back to the car.

Then we hot-footed it from the show to pick up a friend of Emily’s at school kicking out time and brought her back here, where the girls amused themselves with a seemingly never ending games in the garden.

Emily’s been working hard on French this week, but basically we’re in “waiting for Blue” mode, lol, with not much else being concentrated on other than the horse loan starting on the 1st July. We indulged in some more retail therapy yesterday, buying a lovely horse grooming kit and some gentle spurs. I was excited to find this today: Dressage Anywhere – basically, it’s a nationwide contest where you ride any of a wide variety of official/real dressage tests in your own yard, while someone videos you. The videos are then uploaded and you can choose to take part in the monthly contest or just put them as practice tests. Either way, at the end of each month, every test is marked by a professional dressage judge and you’re given your official score and feedback. Sounds like an amazing way to get started in dressage (which is Emily’s principal equestrian passion) when you don’t have horsey transport. The tests are at all levels, so there’s something for absolute beginners as well as the more advanced. I don’t think Blue can cope with formal dressage, bless him, but it’s definitely something to bear in mind when we get round to buying Emily’s horse. πŸ™‚

I’ve lost more weight this week and am actually quite enjoying the process. Which is odd. Today has been really hot, and we’ve had a fabulous afternoon in the pool in the garden. What more could one want from a summer Sunday?


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One Response to Still Going Well

  1. Dawny says:

    a fantastic photo !! so pleased to see things going well xx

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