Horsing Around!

We’re learning a great deal about horse management and care! This morning was lots of fun and definitely a learning curve! Blue, for the first time so far, did NOT want to come out of his field. When Emily went to catch him, he pulled the lead rope out of her hand and bolted down to the lower field. We followed cautiously – bearing in mind there are another 18 horses in the fields, some of them quite highly strung – and caught him, but then he planted his feet and absolutely refused to budge. After about 20 minutes of working out that you cannot win a tug of war with a horse and that no amount of encouragement was working, I walked all the way (looong way) back to fetch Emily’s riding crop. He only needed a gentle tap or two with that before he decided he’d play ball after all and walked out of the field as good as gold. Lesson #1 – take crop next time just in case and don’t bother trying to pull!

Blue then had a fabulous groom, which he seems to really enjoy, and Emily gave him a polo. She got all his tack on correctly and then we set off down the lane at the back of the riding school. Blue was really enthusiastic and interested in going out for his hack and we were really pleased – except that he got to one particular point about ten minutes out and promptly turned himself around and started to head smartish back to the school. We were a bit taken aback and not sure what to do – if Emily had tried bossing him and turning him round to carry on, she was a bit worried that he’d bolt back to the school. So we didn’t try too hard to persuade him otherwise and went back to the school. Lesson #2 – when Emily gets more confidence out hacking, he needs to be bossed about past that point otherwise he’s a little monkey!

Back in the school Emily took Blue into the menage for some trot work – and he then did the most perfect on command canters we’ve ever seen from him, bless his heart. Lesson #3 – a quick hack down the lane wakes him up and gives him enthusiasm for his schooling – apparently he doesn’t go out very often, which is why he was nervous. He was worn out after that, so he then had a good hose down after untacking and was pleased to get back to his field. And we were pleasantly surprised when Jon turned up to pick us up – he needed the car this afternoon, so we thought we were going to have to walk back, but Daddy saved the day πŸ™‚

It’s so much fun having Blue and I think it’s doing both me and Emily the world of good. Jon’s going to learn how to handle him too, so he can accompany Emily some days. Meanwhile, in other good Jon news, he’s been invited to join another medium on the platform in October, as she was so surprised he’s not already on the circuit πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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