Elasticity of Time

Time is turning into something of a fleeting notion. Although we did a lot of work, pre-Blue, on elasticity of supply and elasticity of demand in economics, our time is apparently totally inelastic and refuses to expand to meet the new demands placed upon it! The above photo is taking up rather a lot of it 😉

We were at the stables Monday to Friday this week, and wow, we’ve learnt a lot. I can’t believe how quickly Emily’s made progress with her riding too. She’s now cantering without the neckstrap and without spurs too, as Blue seems much more willing to work for her now he’s got to know her properly. Lots of progress in confidence too, both riding confidence and self confidence. I mentioned in my last post how Blue was nappy when we first took him out on a hack. Well, the second time, spurred on by a pep talk from Heidi, Emily really got herself together and took control properly, not letting him spin round and head for home when he felt like it. As a result, he went three times as far down the road and out into a beautiful cornfield and  you could tell from his enthusiasm and interest in everything around him that he really enjoyed it too, taking his confidence from Emily. The third time we took him, we got right to the end of the lane and to a large open grassy field which will be perfect for having a canter in. He did get slightly spooked by the wind in the trees because it was a very windy day, but he’s growing in confidence with Emily too, so it’s turning into a very nice partnership 🙂 🙂

It’s tricky getting the hang of what time to go each day, because of course the arena is sometimes in use by other people at pretty unpredictable times, plus we have to fit it in around Jon’s commitments if we want the car, and around ever-increasing Grandad demands, and around letting Lulu out for a few hours fly each day too. We’ve been going at a variety of different times of day, to try to get an idea of when it’s quietest. I have a feeling it’s going to be very chaotic over the summer holidays when the school kids tend to flock en masse down to the stables and the arena will be pretty much in full time use, but I suppose we’ll just have to get used to waiting our turn over the summer – it’s very easy to get used to usually having things to yourself when you’re home ed!

Emily’s just about managing to do a little bit of violin and some French in between the chaos, and she’s doing some scary looking hexadecimal coding thing with Gramps, but we still haven’t quite worked out how to fit a proper work schedule into things. She’s doing a very good job of finding random educational-ness in her free time, though – at the moment, she’s reading, in French, a 17th century dressage book she downloaded!!! Next week is set to be a bit of a nightmare because Jon’s away all week on a mediumship course, so he can’t (for instance) have Lulu out while we’re down at the stables, or take Grandad out with him instead of me taking him.

Jon’s Dad is getting back to being very demanding again, after a brief period of being more amenable. He now gets in a bit of a paddy if he doesn’t get wheeled around the village once a day and it has to be at the time he wants it to be too. He’s still insisting that he wants us to cook for him every day, but has now got very picky about what he wants to eat, with the daily menus becoming ever more time consuming and complicated. On the other hand, he constantly complains that he’s bored….so you’d think that perhaps cooking might be something he could do to alleviate his boredom, since he’s perfectly physically capable…..but no. He’s definitely dragging down the positivity at the moment, but we’re trying hard to brush it off and keep going.

So, while my goal for next week is merely to get through it without neglecting the parrot, the daughter, the daughter’s horse, the cats, the father in law or the earn a living requirement, and to get Jon safely back at the end of the week, our goal for the following week has to be to get some kind of routine going so that we can get back to some proper home ed. Although the week after that, the kids are out of school…..so even if we have got into a riding/stables routine by then, it will all have to be scrapped and re-worked for the holiday period. Eeek.

Still. I’ve lost 12 pounds so far, so at least all the rushing around is helping in that department! Emily and I went to church with Jon last night for the first time in a while. The medium, sadly, was dire. She gave a very random message to Emily, which we really couldn’t take any of – and asked Emily if Jon was her partner???!! Emily looked much older than her years, as she always does when she dresses smartly, but really! She also told Emily to look at the black and white (?????) photographs from her distant childhood. Even my childhood photos aren’t old enough to be in black and white! Oh, and also that she was being told that Emily liked reading, but then she clarified it to be “only light reading, just a magazine or two, nothing heavy, not novels or anything like that” (heaven forbid) – this to the girl who the day before had downloaded the above mentioned 17th century french text, for fun. And she insisted that Emily was connected to a very big, black dog. Of all the animals she could have chosen – horses, cats, birds, big cats, dolphins – the animal Emily has least affinity with of all, dislikes and has had very little contact with throughout her life, is a dog. We don’t know any big black dogs and nobody in the family, even going right back, has ever had a big black dog. It was very, very odd and I’m afraid the poor woman was pretty clueless. They’re not going to know what’s hit them when Jon gets up on that stage 🙂 🙂


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