Settling Down

Jon’s back πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ He had a fabulous week away on a spiritual development course and has come home very positive.

Things are starting to settle into something resembling a very non-routiney routine and I think we will, eventually, be able to manage stables five times a week AND home ed AND earning some money AND taking care of family commitments such as Grandad’s wheelchair outings. I’m feeling quite positive at the moment. Things can be made to fit πŸ™‚

We did briefly get some home ed work done last week, including some French and an economics essay from Emily on the pros and cons of the minimum wage. She’s also still doing something unspeakably complicated IT/maths-ish related with Gramps; she does tell me about it, but it’s beyond me! We need to get to grips with some US politics ahead of their presidential election, because at the moment their system is double dutch to both of us. Jon understands it well, but he’s rarely in the same room as us for long enough to tell us during the working (home ed) day. OK, it’s still fair to say that at the moment, the days pretty much revolve around daily Blue care and riding – but why not? It’s not as if Emily’s “behind” with anything academically. She can afford this time to cater to a real passion, and who knows where it might lead in the future?

It was Emily’s riding lesson this morning and her instructor was again amazed at how much progress she’s made. Since she’s been riding every day her confidence has just soared, both in riding and in handling Blue on the ground. It poured with rain all last night and Blue was absolutely filthy when we got him out of his field this morning – but by the time he’d done masses of canter with Emily through huge mud mounds and puddles, he looked like he’d never be clean again! Emily cracked the 20m circles in canter this morning, which was a real breakthrough. She looked very poised and confident cantering through the mud πŸ™‚ She lost her stirrups at several points but still managed to stay put – she did fall off once at trot (!), for the first time in ages, but landed on her feet quite elegantly (before falling over backwards on her bum!) and was straight back on and back into canter within seconds.

Instructor says she’s going to move onto jumping in the next couple of weeks and that she thinks Emily will really take to it, pretty quickly. She also said that Emily should think about competing Blue locally. Eeeeek! Squeak! Excited noises! Apparently there’s a showjumping contest every month in the next village along, and Blue had also competed in the past at cross country at Normanby Hall and came 4th – not bad at all! We have no transport for him, of course, but the one in the next village could be ridden to if necessary, and for anything further afield we’ll be able to cadge a lift with anyone else at the yard who is going. Exciting stuff! And so good for Emily’s confidence πŸ™‚ If she starts competing she’ll have overtaken me in the horsey stakes – although I learnt to jump, I was never very good/confident at jumping and was nothing more than a passenger, really, when jumping was involved! Looks like if/when I get *my* horse, I’ll have some catching up to do!

Had a slightly alarming 24 hours over the weekend when it was announced that the US directory we do a lot of work for is cutting back dramatically on what it will pay for, which could well carve a biiiig chunk out of our income from the 1st August. Fortunately, we’re now calm and thinking positive, and have several others irons in the fire to (hopefully) make up any gap. We’re always guilty of relying a little too much on the big contracts, so we do need to spread our work out more evenly so that we’re not in the lurch when things go pear shaped. As they do. As is the joy of self-employment. But we’ll cope πŸ™‚

And I’ve lost a stone. Slow but steady πŸ™‚


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