As the title says…. jumping! In Monday’s riding lesson, Emily had her first ever go at jumping πŸ™‚ She did brilliantly well, didn’t fall off and seems to have taken to it like a natural. She says she can’t believe how much fun it is; needless to say the performance was repeated on Tuesday when she went to ride. Didn’t have a chance to jump today as someone else was using the menage, so she went for a little hack around the village instead. Her instructors are extremely impressed with how much progress she’s made since she’s had Blue on loan, and they reckon she’ll now progress very quickly with jumping difficulty πŸ™‚Β  This means it’s a definite that late *next* August, Emily will be able to compete in the cross country event at Normanby Hall. Blue has already competed there and came a highly respectable 4th – whether Emily competes on Blue or whether she has her own horse by then, it’s a date in the timetable!

Meanwhile: Emily and Gramps are moving on to car mechanics (!!) at Emily’s request, plus HTML and java programming. In French we’ve moved on to the future tense; in the passage Emily was working on there were several incidents of the perfect tense, which we haven’t yet done, but she instinctively “got it” from French -> English on first sight, so it looks like that will be a doddle the other way round in the next week or two. She’s done some science too, but one particular piece of English “homework” has now been outstanding for three weekends. Maybe I should start giving detentions πŸ˜‰

In politics, we worked out the main structure of the American political system compared to ours, which was a start. Still trying to work photography, violin and maths back into some sort of structure, but just when things start to fall into place structure wise it all goes chaotic again. Sigh. The riding school is getting busier by the day during the school summer holidays (boo!), so we’re having to vary up the times we’re going in the hope of hitting a quieter patch. To be honest, I can’t wait until the little darlings are back in school <- evil, unsociable parent.

Having said that, we’re looking forward to taking Emily’s best friend to meet Blue next week and for a bit of a ride. Wish the *other* little loves were back in school, then. We got a bit spoilt for the first three weeks of loaning Blue by having the facilities practically to ourselves at any time of the morning or afternoon…..

Went to the spiritualist church on Sunday for the first time in ages, to watch Jon chairing a service. Was incredibly proud of him. The medium, sadly, was again not up to much. They need to get a proper development system sorted out and get some new mediums trained up to a decent standard. Jon went out on a paranormal investigation with a good friend of ours and some new team members last Saturday; as normal, he wasn’t told where they were going. They went to visit an old tumbledown barn, which is all that’s left on the site of an old monastery. Jon was able to give some very impressive pieces of information about the site and its history, despite having never been there before and there being nothing visible to give clues about what had gone on there or when. πŸ™‚

Financially and work-wise, things are a bit iffy. Paid work is suffering slightly from our lack of a routine these days – or at least, we seem to be constantly sat at the bloody computers when we’re not out with Emily, running around after Jon’s Dad or “doing home ed” but not much is being achieved. *Frown*. The (somewhat drastic) pay cut imposed by the US directory we work for is going to take its toll on next month’s income, that’s for sure. We have huge plans for the freelance writing (particularly loved this book – very inspirational), but it’s finding the TIME to build up an income again which is proving very frustrating.

Am still losing weight. Well, technically, at least, not putting back on any of the weight I’ve already lost, but the loss itself has slowed right down. Then again, I haven’t been as careful with eating as I was for the first month. Bad mummy. Think of horses and put the lemon meringue pie back in the fridge!


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