Car Mechanics

I’m tickled that Emily’s tech sessions with Gramps each week have now on to car mechanics/maintenance and related engine-investigating-and-fixing wizardry. Emily’s now able to explain to me how a car engine works with far more clarity than anything I ever learnt at school, and she and Gramps had fun this afternoon with a first look under the bonnet of our little Rover. Gramps showed her to check the oil and fill up the screenwash, and then she took out one of the spark plugs for closer inspection 🙂 Next week, they’re going to take apart and attempt to fix Jon’s petrol lawnmower. All good stuff!

At Emily’s riding lesson this morning she progressed from jumping crossed x shaped poles to jumping at the same height but a straight-across pole or “upright”, which is considerably harder if only psychologically. She’s doing really well and is definitely fearless, even though she nearly came off a few times. Teacher reckons we’ll be OK to put it up another notch during her practice sessions this week. Meep! She’s braver than I was!

At the end of last week we did a really long hack out with Blue, down into the neighbouring hamlet and back, then back to our house and all the way back to the school. My feet had blisters by the time we’d finished, but Blue was a little sweetheart as usual. Apparently the fact that he’s willing to go so far with us now is quite something, as many people before us have struggled to get him to step outside the yard gates if he’s not with other horses.

Very bad financial news came as a bit of a bombshell at the end of last week, with our biggest remaining single client cutting back so drastically on the work required that it virtually wiped out our monthly income in one fell swoop. A brief evening of panic ensued, although it probably helped that we didn’t find out until gone 10pm in the evening; waking up with clearer heads the next morning we formulated A Plan. Which has to work, because we have no other choices. Probably for the best also that this came out of the blue and with immediate effect, because if we’d had months of notice we would have been paralysed with dread. We will cope, and everything, from Jon’s spiritualist courses to Emily’s horse, is still on the cards – somehow. So there.


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