On Being 40

It was my 40th birthday yesterday. Surprisingly, this being 40 lark isn’t as bad as it might seem. I feel very positive about the future (for now), despite business chaos, father in law woes and a complete and utter lack of organisation. Worrying!

It’s been a good week all round. On Monday, Emily and Gramps had great fun taking the petrol lawnmower to bits and attempting to fix it; not a huge amount of other home ed has gone on, but Emily has done some French and (finally) the science and history “homework” she was set about a fortnight ago. There’s also been a return to the violin, thank goodness.

It was a disjointed week as a friend of Emily’s came to stay for Wednesday and Thursday. We took her to the stables to meet Blue and she had her first ever go at riding on Wednesday morning; she loved it, but commented about how much harder it was than it looked, and how much higher up! On Wednesday afternoon we went out for a lovely picnic to the rather gorgeous Thornton Abbey, where the two girls found it hilarious to keep jumping out on me from the tiny, dark passageways in the gatehouse – I did a lot of screaming that day! On Wednesday evening they made their own pasta tea and settled in for a sleepover, before we returned to the stables on Thursday. Emily took Maisie and Blue on a lead rope for a long walk around the village, which was lovely, before doing some more riding of her own.

Thursday was also my Dad’s birthday, so we had pressies and tea and cake; we bought him, among things, 30,000 (yes really!) science fiction books on CD, which he seems very pleased with; there was also a lovely book on the history of the Royal Engineers, where Gramps served.

On Thursday evening I had a private sitting at home with the really rather charming Ian Lawman, an early birthday present from Jon. He was delightful and astonishingly accurate in what he had to tell me about our current situation, business, finances, family, health and so on. He left me feeling super excited about future projects we’ve got in mind, so that was a v.v.v. good thing 🙂

On Friday evening, Emily made me the most fantastic carrot cake as a birthday cake, and then she iced it on Saturday. Meanwhile yesterday I was spoiled rotten with a fabulous roast birthday dinner cooked by my Mum and Dad, and some lovely presents, including a coat and boots I had been wanting to see me through winter at the riding stables, plus alcohol (always good) and, from a good friend, a huge box of choccies and more alcohol 🙂

Jon had some good news earlier in the week; he’s been asked to put together a mediumship development course to run at the church, and he’s going to teach it as well as write it. About bloody time, if you ask me 🙂

We’re “on the verge” of launching our new business venture, so it’s very exciting…but finding the time to get things done is still an uphill struggle. We’ll get there – not that we’ve got much choice!


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