Announcing Spirit Odyssey

New venture is up and running – Spirit Odyssey. This is a blog (at the moment) and online shop (shortly) covering all sorts of mind body spirit topics including astrology, mediumship, the paranormal, divination, folklore, alternative health, spirituality and earth mysteries. At the time of writing this, there are only three posts on there, but more are being added daily (honest). Please do go and have a look 🙂 Once we get our bottoms in gear, we’ll also be running giveaways on there of books, kits, astrology consultations with yours truly, etc.

Like any new business venture, this one’s taking up a great deal of nurturing time just now, so there’s not a huge amount of home ed to report….but Emily’s still riding every day and still loving it, and normal home ed service will be resumed imminently….


About nikkielysian

Writer, astrologer, home educating Mum.
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