Return of the Maths

…’cos I can’t think of any other title, and Emily and I managed to laugh ourselves (slightly hysterically) silly this morning doing the first exercises in a brand new GCSE maths book which arrived yesterday. Who knew prime factors could be so……hysteria inducing.

In other home ed news, we’re finally starting to get into a routine now the schools have gone back and we can go riding when it suits us rather than at odd times of the day having to hope the menage is free. We’ve managed lots of work in the last few days, including violin, which is a relief as that had really gone by the wayside since Blue came on the scene two months ago. Emily’s also been doing a lot of “homework” – work that I set her to do or to complete in her own time, in addition to the (not very long) time she spends actually working with me during the day. She’s done lots of economics, a fair bit of history, tons of French (started the perfect tense now, which she’s picking up very intuitively), lots of self directed English, some science and some politics. And now the maths is back – first time we’ve done any formal maths work in at least a year, so that’s amusing!

In the evenings, for “stories” (yes, she’s 12, but we still persist in fondly calling the Daddy-Emily reading time “stories” – and why not?) Jon has now finished reading a number of Stephen King books to Emily and they’ve decided to go down a non fiction route for a bit. They’ve finished Billy Bragg’s The Progressive Patriot, which was a very illuminating social commentary about what it means to be British, and a critical look back in particular at the Thatcher years. They’re now reading Marching to the Fault Line, which is social history of the 1984 miner’s strike. Tying in with all that, in politics Emily wrote a summary of Thatcher’s economic policies and legacy the other day. She’s managed to maintain a balanced view of the Thatcher years, despite having two parents (and one in particular, in Jon) who despise pretty much everything that damn woman did and stood for. So I guess we’ve passed the test of not indoctrinating her at least πŸ™‚

Blue is more adorable than ever, and we’re still going every day, Monday to Friday, to care for him and ride. Yesterday, my Mum and Dad came to the stables with us; they’d met Blue on the various times we’ve stopped off in our back garden for grass on the way out or back from a hack, but they hadn’t been to the stables before, so hadn’t seen where he lives or seen Emily ride other than at a walk. They had a great time watching, and Gramps took some fantastic video, and the second half of these photos; he took the first half also, from a few weeks ago on one of Blue’s garden trips πŸ™‚



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