Publishing Contract

Super excited! On Tuesday, I was offered a (pretty good!) publishing contract for my first book. I signed on Wednesday and it’s a done deal 🙂 I hope to have the finished manuscript with the publisher by the end of Feb next year, which will mean publication around this time next year or slightly earlier 🙂

It’s an astrology book for teens – this publisher loved it and they even had a little in-house fight over which imprint should publish it. Only problem is that now I’ve got to actually get off my bottom and write the thing – it was sold on the basis of a hefty proposal with tons of background and marketing information, which took me yonks to write, but only included the first three actual chapters and the table of contents, so the vast bulk of the book is still to write.

Apparently, I have an excellent “author platform”, being relatively well known in the teen market having worked for BBC Slink for thirteen years, so they seem to be expecting good things from this book and want to work with me long term on further publications too. I’m going to be doing workshops at various goddess festivals and camps and such like next spring/summer to drum up some publicity. It’s all come as a bit of a shock – finished writing the proposal back in March, sent it off to a few places in April, got polite “very interesting but no thanks” responses, got disheartened with it and left it. It was only on a whim last Sunday that I sent the proposal by email to this publisher, completely on the spur of the moment – by Monday they’d said a cautious yes with a request for some further information and bingo, by Tuesday the contract was in my hot little hand – after all that faffing about, when it actually happened it happened so quickly!

So, there we go. Everyone’s really delighted and Emily and Jon are super proud of me, bless them. I swore on my 39th birthday that by the time I was 40 I would be a published author. Well, I missed the deadline slightly….but at least now that I’m 40 + one and a half months I have the contract – makes a refreshing change to have actually achieved a major goal! Looks as if things professionally could be on the up.

…..and I STILL have a million and one home ed things to blog about, which I WILL do this week!


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