Catch Up #3 ~ Blue

We’re still loaning Blue, Emily’s still looking after him and riding him every week, Monday to Friday, without fail. She’s still loving it, we’re still loving it, she’s still making huge riding progress, Blue is still being an absolute sweetheart. He’s now finally got a decent winter weight rug that the other horses can’t bite through (he’s at the bottom of the herd pecking order, bless his heart) and soon, when the weather really turns, he’ll be stabled at night. They leave it until the last minute to stable Blue because he absolutely hates it and kicks the door in, getting very stressed about it, so they only really keep him in when it gets bitter, perhaps December and January and that’s it.

Last week Emily successfully took Blue into a part of the village he’d freaked out at before – because she stayed calm and authoritative, he was as good as gold that time round; a repeat of the situation we had before on what is now our regular long five mile hack. Until a few weeks ago, Blue wouldn’t go further than the first mile and half of that without getting scared, backing into a ditch and turning round – but with patience and by communicating her own new confidence to Blue, he and Emily cracked that one too.

At the end of the October heatwave, we went out down the five mile route in blazing sunshine….and within ten minutes the weather had turned to gale force winds and searing hail storms. We were absolutely drenched at the end of that ride, but very happy 🙂 The pics below are from that day – we had a little picnic during a sunshine break, before the weather turned again on the way home. Love the Emily-eye-view ones giving her view from up on Blue, and her view of her faithful Mum plodding along next to her or in front of her!


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