Book Update & Goddess Camps

Now that the initial excitement of signing the book contract has worn off, it’s down to the nitty gritty of actually getting the thing written. I’ve voluntarily committed to a tight deadline with the publishers of having the manuscript with them by the end of Feb 2012; in my head, I’m working towards having it done by the end of January 2012. Which, considering only the first three chapters are actually drafted, is, um, brave of me.

Once this one is done, there are couple more in the pipeline straight away to fit in with a series they’re publishing, plus two more books currently in proposal stage, one from me and one from Jon. Exciting stuff.

Meanwhile, as part of the publicity for the new book, I’ve signed up to do teen astrology workshops at next year’s Nottingham Goddess Camp and am in discussion with the organisers of the Glastonbury Goddess Conference too, which is all rather thrilling if vaguely terrifying.  Emily’s going to help me run the workshops, so that will be good for her too. Looks like this could all turn out rather well 🙂


About nikkielysian

Writer, astrologer, home educating Mum.
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