Halloween 3D Shadow Box & Home Ed “Inspection”

This gorgeous 3D Halloween scene/shadow box was made by Emily from fimo (polymer clay). It’s turned out really well! We didn’t have enough clay to sculpt the “hill” from textured clay, so she had to improvise with silver foil covered with black crepe paper, but I think the end effect is still gorgeous 🙂

Emily’s not so keen on craft work these days – when she was younger we were *forever* making something, but these days she’s not all that interested. She did enjoy this one though, and is keen to make similar scenes for winter, Christmas and so on. Will have to find some more suitable boxes and get some more clay!

Last week we had a phone call from Lincolnshire “School Improvement Services” – and goodness knows they have their work cut out with the schools around here… – asking about Emily’s home ed provision. On the plus side, they did immediately say that they know we’ve sent written reports in the past, last one three years ago, and would we like to send a report again this time – so no insistence on a home visit or anything silly like that. Yes, I suppose we can send them a report. Darn things are time consuming to write, especially covering three flippin’ years, but it’s do-able. Then she told me that their “policy” has changed, and that from now on they will “need to insist” upon receiving a report every year. *Snort*. I was busy at the time and couldn’t be bothered to argue with her – but of course, they were not legally entitled to *any* report or progress update beyond their first initial contact when Emily was five. Having established back then that she was receiving a suitable education, that should legally suffice unless and until they have cause to believe that circumstances have changed, and they have no cause to believe so. We’ve played along with occasional reports (I think there have only been three in total), mainly because we’re actually proud of Emily’s education and have no issues in showing it off.

I suspect, however, that we may be strategically (and honestly) too busy to indulge their “insistence” on a yearly report. A battle for this time next year, however; simply got too much on our plates to fight it right now.


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