Hauntingly Halloweeny

We had a wonderful Halloween this year. Managed to get Jon to ourselves, which has made a change over the last few weeks as he’s been really busy with church matters and paranormal investigations!

Emily carved a beautiful cat pumpkin – the little face was one I carved on a pumpkin from our garden….considerably less inventive! All three of us headed out to a disused church and churchyard for a spooky Halloween investigation in the dark. It was huge fun, deliciously scary and extremely atmospheric;  Emily loved it! Jon purposefully didn’t use his mediumship while we were out as he didn’t want to spook us too badly, but we did capture lots of orbs on camera. I fully take on board what people say about orbs being merely dust or insects, but in that case I’d like to know how come, when you’re taking dozens of photographs in quick succession, a photo can be full of orbs and then another taken from the same place a second or two later has none – if it was dust it would be present all or most of the time and if there insect clouds that thick, we’d know as we’d be walking through them. Still – paranormal in origin or not, the photos are certainly interesting!

Back at home, we had a wonderful Halloween feast lit by candles and pumpkins, toasted marshmallows over the candles and then played lots of spooky and psychic games. The first board, in the photo with the two pumpkins, is Jon’s old ouija board which has been on TV, lol, being the same board which was loaned for the making of Famous and Frightened years ago. The more colourful board on its own in a photo is the Psychic Circle Magical Message Board – not actually a ouija board, more of a family friendly angelic “thing”, and the same one used to great effect at Emily’s Halloween party last year (if you don’t count the hysterical/hypocritical tantrum from a parent who was spoiling for a fight). Don’t panic, ladies and gentlemen, nobody was harmed physically, emotionally or mentally on any occasion we’ve used a ouija board, our daughter isn’t being taken into care due to our irresponsible parenting and the world continues to turn as normal – see my post on our professional blog: Common Sense and Truth About Ouija Boards. *Rolls eyes* It’s a prettily designed board, which the makers wanted to be used more as an intuition/inner guidance tool than a traditional ouija board. Interesting results from that too! We also did various psychic tests, remote viewing/psychic drawing games and a huge amount of very healing laughter 🙂 Best Halloween we’ve had for years!


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