Enough “Monitoring”

An email from the Lincs Home Ed People caught me on a bad afternoon. I duly sent in the report I’ve written on Emily’s home education over the last year – but that’s it. I will not ever send another one.

Legally, we were not obliged to provide the local authority with any further information whatsoever beyond their initial contact with us when Emily was first removed from school, aged 5. The local authority has no legal remit to monitor home educated children on an on-going basis; having originally established that a suitable education is being offered they must, in law, assume that the child is still receiving that suitable education, from then onwards, unless and until they are given cause to believe otherwise. We are not obliged to provide them with any further information about Emily and her education – ever.

As I think I’ve said before, we’ve co-operated in the past and written a couple of reports over the last seven years – but we’re too busy now, and I object, on principle, to such an invasion of Emily’s privacy. The education authorities were not remotely interested in the problems she was having when she *was* at school – so I thoroughly resent their apparent interest now. The man who sends through the “assessments” of our written reports has always seemed charming and wholly in favour of what we’re doing, but enough is enough.

This afternoon, I laid out in writing the legal situation of which they seem to be so ignorant – and I have told them that – unless we contact them to ask for their assistance – I do not expect to hear from them again.


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