Yule and Christmas

Just about squeezed this post in to 2011! Had a lovely Yule and Christmas, after a hectic December. We had a candlelit supper outdoors on Yule, as has become our tradition, although unfortunately we couldn’t use the yule lanterns we made last year, as it was too windy. Christmas was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, and Emily was thrilled to bits with her presents, particularly a huge Harry Potter: Page to Screen book (it’s enormous!) and beautiful custom made rhythm beads for Blue – you can see Blue’s set close up on the maker’s page over at Angel Horse, and in one of the pics in the gallery you can see him wearing them for the first time when we visited him on Boxing Day. He loves them πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ which is a good thing, since he had a hand in choosing them, when Emily followed the lovely Dawn’s instructions on how to create a psychic link with Blue in order to ask him specifically what type and colour of beads he would like and why.

So, we’re all looking forward very much to 2012. Apart from the financial problems caused by so many lost contracts, 2011 was a very good year. Emily got Blue, of course, which has been a huge thing. I got my publishing contract, and Jon made huge progress in his mediumship and began doing public demonstrations – all very positive things for all of us. During 2012, we have lots of exciting plans, not least of which will be me finishing this flippin’ book – deadline is the end of January and I’ve barely started, eeeep! – lots more horse things, lots more mediumship, more books and a great deal more home ed, as well as various personal and health goals.

We’re having a fabulous New Year’s Eve celebration tonight, and then of course on Monday it’s Emily’s 13th birthday. I have no idea where the years have gone, but I do know that we’re so proud of our ever-so-nearly teenager – she’s the funniest, kindest, cleverest, quirkiest girl, and wonderful company πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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