Emily was 13 on the 2nd January πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

After a lovely New Year’s Eve (the picture of Emily in the green dress was NYE), I spent most of New Year’s Day, as ever, getting things ready for her birthday – mostly cooking, since the theme of her birthday tea was “vintage tea party” (did I mention she’s obsessed with vintage?) and I wanted to do as much home made stuff as possible.

On her birthday itself, Emily was thrilled to bits with her presents and tea, and was a very happy teenager. Her main present from us was this rather nifty camera, which is the modern version of my now eight year old one, and much, much, much better. It was a complete surprise for her, and she spent much of the rest of the day surgically attached to it. Other bits and pieces from us included a (great fun) horseracing game, some more Harry Potter analysis books and a graphology course-in-a-book which she loved and has barely stopped working through. She was generously given money by friends, while Grandad gave her some books and Nana and Gramps gave her a plethora of fun bits and pieces and….drumroll, please…. a beautiful pair of long riding boots. She was very excited with those, as she’s always wanted long ones, but because she has EEEE wide feet, it’s hard to get any to fit. These ones were wide fit and we had high hopes for them, but sadly they didn’t, in the end, fit – but they’ve been returned for a different size, which hopefully will πŸ™‚

For the vintage tea party tea we had lovely china and flowers and cherry blossom from the garden, and Emily wore her favourite vintage tea dress. We had tiny saucer crackers, which each contained a trivia question and a posh conversation topic (so funny!), and we had a jug of conversation spoons too, which each had a question, some funny, some thought provoking. I had made strawberry cup cakes, white chocolate shortbread slices, apple and marzipan puffs, three sorts of sandwiches and two types of home made pizza, plus Emily’s marbled chocolate birthday cake in two heart shaped tiers; Gramps made fruit and cherry scones, which we had with jam and fresh cream. The grown ups had wine in their tea cups πŸ˜‰ – it was lovely! And then in the evening, we played plenty of games and enjoyed much laughter. A good way to turn into a teenager, I think, and Emily seemed to think so too.

So here’s the birthday girl in pictures!


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2 Responses to Teenager!

  1. dawn says:

    HIya πŸ™‚ Happy Birthday Emily πŸ™‚ looks like a lovely and very tasty time ! I hope the new boots fit just right when they come xxx

  2. nikkielysian says:

    Thanks very much, Dawn!

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