A New “Term”

A new year, a new attitude, a new work planning board (as in paying work, not home ed – although I could do with a board like this for home ed too!)

Managed to get back to work properly this week, both work work and home ed work. Have been sticking to my resolution of getting up early and taking father in law out for a walk before 9am so that his constant negativity doesn’t wreck the middle of my day and I have a chance to get over it and still have a day left :-/

Emily’s gone back to home ed work with (relative) gusto. We’ve started a new psychology book which is absolutely brilliant and much less “oh-look-pretty-pictures” than previous ones. In fact, there are no pictures whatsoever, which really helps when your child is so turned off by any attempt to prettify a text book. It’s completely black and white, text only – and she loves it! We’re also embarking upon some serious critical thinking work with this A Level General Studies book and this Cambridge University Press one. We’re heading into the abyss in maths with an inexorable journey towards trigonometry and other unspeakables, but doing so remarkably calmly….! We watched a documentary about quantum physics earlier during the week, and spent a pleasant morning trying to eek something understandable out of the incomprehensible, but our main science track at the moment is astronomy related.

Emily’s about to start reading Pride and Prejudice (heaven help her) and has also expressed a desire to read Dickens, so Jon has given her some of his Mum’s very old texts. I must say that Dickens for me was *utterly* ruined by a very unpleasant English teacher forcing us to read Oliver Twist – I hated her and I hated the book, and I’ve never picked up a Dickens novel since. I hope Emily enjoys her foray into the classics, and am trying very hard not to let my own negative English Lit school experiences transmit to her. Although I loved Lord of the Flies at school and adored Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, the rest of English Lit was pure torture and put me off going anywhere near “the classics” for decades.

Jon is preparing to do a lot of law with Emily this “term”, and also plenty of American politics now that their presidential race has really kicked off. History is still my sphere and we’re backtracking *yet again* and going back to our Renaissance study, partly because Emily has expressed an interest in art history, and partly because we never seem to finish anything we start in history these days, and it’s about time we did.

I have several ideas which are still bubbling away about major photography projects to inspire Emily with her new camera, which will take care of art and creativity for now. It’s proving next to impossible to fit violin back into our routine, though, which is a huge shame and something I desperately want to fix, but right now I can’t see how 😦 Emily’s still riding and caring for Blue every day Monday to Friday, which takes a minimum of two hours out of each day, and does tend to cut the day right in half. Still, it’s worth it πŸ™‚

Real life work-wise, I have until the end of January to complete the manuscript for Moon Surfing. Meep. I’ve finished five chapters so far, and have eight more to go. Technically, I promised the publishers the manuscript for the end of Feb, which is definitely do-able, but I’ve got my own deadline of the end of January because if I miss that, the book won’t be published in time to coincide with the goddess camps etc at which I’ll be promoting it, so….

Once that is done, we have some huge plans this year for other work projects and more books, so it looks set to be very, very busy. Jon’s nearly finished writing his mediumship course and in a surprise development last week, was asked by the very lovely Ian Lawman if he would like to share the platform with Ian during a special event in March πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Super proud of him!

The over-riding theme to our lives right now, as ever, is that there’s a great deal going on and not a lot of time to fit it all into. I’ve got a good feeling about it all, though. I think that possibly, just possibly, 2012 might turn out to be our year πŸ™‚


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