*Must Not Abandon Blog*

It has been ever so, ever so hectic with real life work, hence no blogging. What can I say about the month and a bit that I’ve missed out? Um: lots of riding, lots of photography. Lots of snow, in the last week. A fair bit of English literature (Pride and Prejudice), a little bit of maths, quite a lot of psychology, a bit of astronomy. Tons of art, with Emily becoming passionate about sketching steampunk fashions. Lots of “ICT” – she has been learning HTML with Gramps to great effect, and they’re starting on CSS next week. It hasn’t exactly been the crack-on-with-lots-of-education start to the year I’d hoped for, but then again it isn’t going to be until this book manuscript is finished.

Ah, yes. The book. Well, my unofficial deadline for MoonSurfing for Teens was the end of January. That, er, didn’t happen. The official deadline is the end of February. That *might* happen if I pull my finger out, but it does mean that not much structured home ed is going on in the mean time. But it will. And we’ve decided that I’m going to go back to doing astrology consultations in person, so we’re going to clear out Emily’s old bedroom (finally!) and turn it into a consulting room.

Anyway. Emily’s happy. Blue’s happy. We’re happy-if-you-don’t-count-the-financial-crisis-which-is-still-dire, and by some miracle we managed to pay the tax bill on time. Which was quite some astounding feat. The cats are happy. The parrot’s happy. Nana and Gramps are happy and both of their health is improving dramatically after a difficult couple of months. Jon’s Dad is not happy and takes every opportunity to point it out, and to attempt to spread his misery, but then that’s nothing new. Basically, we’re all still here, still happy, still writing, still medium-ing, still home edding, still riding and still doing what we do. And I shall attempt to have something more interesting to say next time.

I shall leave you with this delightful photo of Blue surveying a snowy manege yesterday (before the second downpour of heavy snow). He was relieved to have his rug taken off so he could have a good scratch, even if it was freezing. You can almost hear him: “Does by bum look big from this angle?”

And this one, just because he’s gorgeous πŸ™‚


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3 Responses to *Must Not Abandon Blog*

  1. Bev says:

    What a difference you’ve made to Blue. He looks so content and cuddly now, so different to the way he looked when you first loaned him. You two are just what he needed! What a lucky boy he is to have you. x

  2. dawn says:

    He really is beautiful πŸ™‚ and you sound so happy , lovely !!

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