All Things New

February was a fantastic month. Lots of exciting things happening…..

Emily had had fun getting to know a new friend, the same age as her, who we met on the gifted home ed forum and who lives pretty close by. It’s been an absolute delight talking to her Mum too: finally, the first “real life” (as opposed to have only met online) home educator I’ve ever met who actually, well, educates, as opposed to criticising us for doing too much work or taking it too seriously, and the first child Emily’s met who doesn’t think she’s weird for being interested in politics, psychology and things she’s not “supposed” to be interested in “at her age”. Is good.

Meeting this new family has been a kick up the bottom to us to get our own home ed back into more of a routine, which we’re finally starting to do. Emily’s gone back to learning Latin, and we’re having a serious think about the number of hours we do, potential exams (or not) and so forth.

I’ve finally finished the manuscript for Moon Surfing (drum roll!) and after proof reading it will be going off to the publishers in the next day or two. Exciting! Once that’s gone, I have another two book proposals to work on straight away, plus I’ll be setting up a new website for me, one for Jon, writing an astrology course and thinking about the best way to set up a new store.

Meanwhile, Jon’s mediumship work has suddenly taken numerous huge steps forwards. He was asked to be Ian Lawman’s guest at a special fundraising event last week, which went brilliantly, and has been getting bookings for a variety of spiritualist church events, psychic suppers, healing sessions and so on. He’s also got an interview lined up with a major paranormal events company who are looking for a medium to cover the whole of our area. There are also exciting plans afoot at the spiritualist church, which will hopefully become more of a spiritual centre with a wide variety of workshops, courses etc, and Jon’s own mediumship course is due to start running at the beginning of April.

Blue was clipped and had his mane hogged (shaved off) last week – clipped to stop him getting so sweaty under his rug, which makes sense, and hogged because that’s what his owners wanted. We didn’t want him hogged, because we loved his mane, but the decision wasn’t ours to make….it was a bit of a shock (with some tears, to be honest) when we first saw him, but he does look very, very smart and the look is definitely growing on us. His mane will grow back quickly, but once we’d got over the shock of seeing it for the first time, it’s not so bad – and he’s still utterly gorgeous πŸ™‚ Here he is sporting his new look, and there’s also a photo of Emily getting to grips with bareback riding in this week’s sunshine!


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2 Responses to All Things New

  1. dawn says:

    It’s all sounding very busy at yours πŸ™‚ and Blue still looks lovely.

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